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12th January, 2023

TGA teams up with Northern Trains

We are thrilled to be partnering with Northern who are providing greater accessibility on the rail network and opening up travel to areas in the North of England that may not have previously been possible.

The Northern railway network provides local and commuter services in Humberside, the Northeast, the Northwest and Yorkshire. Through its commitment to inclusivity, Northern is currently making more stations and trains accessible to passengers who find it hard to walk or use a mobility product.

By removing steps and barriers and increasing lifts and ramps, people can now travel from over 160 stations, on 28 routes, using their scooter or wheelchair. This extra accessibility, which is growing all the time, means more rail passengers are now enabled. Scooter-friendly stations and routes enable mobility scooter and wheelchair users access to the rail network with confidence and we are proud to offer our support to the scheme.

Whilst all powerchairs and wheelchairs can be taken on accessible routes, only certain Class 2 mobility scooters are permitted which include our Minimo and Zest scooters.

To celebrate the partnership, Northern passengers who apply for a mobility scooter permit and become TGA customers, will qualify for a 10% discount on new train friendly TGA scooters. The products that need a permit to travel and qualify for the offer are the TGA: Minimo, Minimo Plus, Minimo Autofold, Maximo, Zest, and Zest Plus*

Maxine Myers, Accessibility Improvement Manager, at Northern, explains: “Due to our historic “no scooters on trains policy”, we knew Northern would benefit from extra help to get our new accessible message out to the community. We were fortunate to be approached by TGA who have some great innovative scooter models and two in particular, the folding Minimo and Maximo, perfectly fulfilled the criteria of our scooter scheme and provide excellent lightweight vehicles for their users.”

Apply for a scooter permit here**


* Other train-friendly TGA products such as the Strongback wheelchair, Wheelchair Powerpack, Whill C2 and Whill F powerchairs do not need permits to travel and do not qualify for the offer.

** To qualify for the 10% discount on certain TGA scooters, applicants can include details of the TGA product they intend to purchase when applying for a permit. The completed permit can then be presented to TGA to receive the discount when purchasing.

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