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13th July, 2023

TGA helps people with Parkinson’s join London Pride Parade

We teamed up with Parkinson’s UK to help charity guests with Parkinson’s attend the Pride in London parade on loaned TGA Vitas.

At TGA, we are proud partners with charity, Parkinson’s UK. By working together, we can help people with Parkinson’s stay independent through the right mobility scooter or wheelchair. These products come with a 10% discount for members with the condition and what’s more, every sale generates a donation back to the charity. This relationship led to Parkinson’s UK asking if they could help two charity members attend the Parkinson’s community to join Pride in London.

Pride in London took place in early July and Ian Temple, who has Parkinson’s, was one of the recipients able to take part in the official parade. On a TGA Vita E donated for the day, Ian revelled in the diverse spectacle that is the largest LGBT+ event in the UK. He’ll never forget it and the difference the scooter made: “I loved the Vita; it was incredibly comfortable with cushioning right up behind my back and easy to drive. I have advanced Parkinson’s which means I walk slowly and stiffly. I quite simply would not have been able to participate in the march without this help. We nicknamed my Scooter Kylie (after Kylie Minogue), and she looked suitably pride worthy with the streamers and flags.”

Emma Tegala, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at Parkinson’s UK, was just as thankful: “Parkinson’s UK is an inclusive organisation and it’s important to us that we are here for everyone living with Parkinson’s. Pride in London is an excellent opportunity to show that we stand proudly with our LGBTQIA+ staff, community and allies. TGA’s input was essential in making sure that members of the community who were not able to walk the full route could fully participate in the day and we are so thankful for all of their support.”

As the excitement of Pride in London settles down and the loaned scooters are returned, TGA continues to partner with Parkinson’s UK, and support the wider Parkinson’s community, with a 10% discount on all scooter and wheelchair purchases.

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