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8th July, 2021

Karen’s off road escapes

Despite walking difficulties, Karen Foxton has opened her world up to countryside peace and tranquillity thanks to a Vita X.

As Karen has Multiple Sclerosis, she gets around her home and shops independently using a WHILL Model C which was supplied to her in time for her wedding by local TGA dealer MD Mobility. More recently though, Karen decided that she wanted more freedom in the local countryside and therefore required an off-road scooter. She had owned a bigger model before, however was “shook to bits” as it did not have proper suspension. With the recent lockdown, Karen became even more determined to get outdoors comfortably and safely. This led to getting a TGA Vita X.

“My Vita X has added a huge new part to my life,” she said. “I’m now going places I thought I’d never get to see again after Multiple Sclerosis took hold of me. Lockdown has made me want to get out even more and now I can. I’ve lived around here all my life but I am now discovering new tracks I can do again.

“I believe it is so important to get outside, my scooter helps me forget about everything and the craziness of the world right now. If you are looking for escapism, a scooter’s the answer. I will never tire of the tranquillity of the Yorkshire countryside.”

Karen found the Vita X while researching online before being recommended one by MD Mobility. After a test drive, she decided it had everything she needed, offering quality, reliability and a frame just about slim enough to fit through local countryside gates. With chunky tyres and excellent suspension, this scooter provides support and stability for Karen when driving over uneven terrain.

“My Vita X is a dream to drive,” she added. “I go out on my own or with my brother who is getting fit, so he’ll walk alongside me or takes his mountain bike. I always take the family dog Mojo, a two-year-old red fox lab. Mojo loves running next to me when I’m driving either on or off the lead – he’s got used to my scooter quickly. Having a dog gives you a reason to go out which is important. We all go places that are popular with mountain bikers and horse riders where the tracks are ideal for my tough scooter. So many people ask me questions about it, they’ve never seen anything like it before.

“I now have so many possibilities when out in the countryside, getting to places you could never reach in a car,” Karen concludes. “Being outside on your own builds up your confidence and over time you learn techniques for tackling more challenging tracks. The comfort it gives me is superb and I regularly drive over seven miles with over half a battery charge left, even when driving up lots of steep hills. Add to this my WHILL at home and I have total mobility.”

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