Mobility scooter ‘surprise’ gives love of driving back to Bob
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17th April, 2023

Mobility scooter ‘surprise’ gives love of driving back to Bob

68-year-old Bob Littler from Warrington, who use to drive around the world for his job and holidays before ‘long Covid’ stopped him, has returned to the open road following a mobility scooter ‘revelation’

Bob has always loved driving. From being a young Police traffic officer to an international sales and marketing manager, Bob has been behind the wheel most of his working life. Leisure time was just the same. Holidays in his motorhome saw Bob and his wife Lynne travelling around the UK as well as Europe on a regular basis .

Then in 2020 Covid came along and made Bob seriously ill. He lost his ability to drive and the career that he developed over 30+ years. His world had suddenly stopped revolving. Living life as a recluse became the norm and it had become obvious that some form of lifeline was needed to get him independently mobile again.

Lynne suggested a mobility scooter as a possible answer, so one was hired from their local ShopMobility. Bob was reluctant at first, however it didn’t take long for him to change his mind: “I was unsure that a mobility scooter would be right for me nevertheless how wrong was I! The one I hired proved a wondrous mode of transport – it gave me total freedom of movement and slowly my self-esteem and self-respect started to return. In August 2022 my wife and I went to the Warrington’s Disability Awareness Day, where I was able to hire a TGA Breeze for the day – this led to a three-week hire. The scooter proved itself to be quite simply terrific…in every aspect, so I decided to contact TGA about a possible purchase.”

Greg, a Mobility Advisor from TGA, visited Bob at home with a shiny new Breeze S4 ready for a test drive. Once onboard, joy and exhilaration flooded back, he was instantly sold with the sensation of being totally mobile again. The reality of being able to visit his favourite historic canal and Country Park, Sankey Valley Park, as well as supporting Warrington Wolves suddenly became possible. He could get out when and wherever he wanted. The time had now arrived to celebrate being ‘alive’ once again.

Bob is now out driving every day and experiencing new and interesting places: “I have already completed over 100 miles on my Breeze since getting it only four weeks ago. It has proven as good as its name …it quite literally ‘breezes’ its way through everything that it encounters. I have been able to do so many more activities, that not so long ago were beyond my reach and physical ability. From supporting my local rugby team to joining the Warrington history society and not least attending my grandchildren’s school activities, life is full once again. I am also able to get to my local ‘Lifetime’ support group which has been a major factor in both my mental and physical rehabilitation.

Travelling around on a mobility scooter is much more than freedom of movement to him; it helps Bob with his mental health and well-being. In summary Bob says: “The Breeze S4 has restored my independence and not wishing to over dramatise events, has given me my ‘life’ back. My mobility scooter continues to revive my self-esteem and has shown beyond any doubt to be a most dependable travel companion.”

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