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1st February, 2023

93-year-old ‘feels 43’ thanks to TGA Supersport

Thomas Kemp from Poole has discovered how to continue with his passion for motorcycling at 93 – through a mobility scooter unlike any other thanks to its biker look, the TGA Supersport.

Thomas has owned motorbikes for much of his life. From small 90cc bikes in his teenage years to more powerful machines, he has ‘owned them all’ as he says. His favourites have included a 1000cc Ariel Square Four and classic Triumph Thunderbird, both treasured possessions which he rode around the country for pleasure and work.

Today at 93, with his mobility being more restricted, Thomas’s motorcycling days are long gone. Nevertheless, he remained independent and determined – and spent years longing for a motorbike replacement. This all changed when he saw a Supersport for the first time when out shopping in Poole.

When Thomas asked the owner about her Supersport, he could tell it was built well and said, “that’s the one for me, it’s the best one I have ever seen”. Thomas was given TGA’s telephone number and following a home assessment to check suitability, he became a proud owner.

“I maybe 93, but my scooter makes me feel 43!” Thomas enthuses. “With lockdown restrictions easing I have been putting on my old army shorts, which still fit amazingly, and drive down to the seafront. I’ve been going around the block a few times during the day or going to the shops now and again. You’ll never stop me walking, I’m still full of energy however my scooter is such fun and great for longer journeys. Now I’ve got my wheels I’m ready to pack up driving.”

Thomas continues: “I am still pretty fit however my Supersport has given me an extra lease of life. My doctor always jokes that he can’t believe there is nothing wrong with me at 93. I don’t need glasses, don’t use a walking stick and have a full head of hair. Maybe it’s because I’ve never smoked or drunk alcohol. I only drink fruit juice as well, no tea, no coffee. Looking after yourself is really important such as keeping active outdoors. With the combination of gardening and driving my scooter by the sea, I remain content and positive. Moaning and groaning is a waste of time in my book, my Supersport is fun, ideal for larking about a bit.”

Owning a reliable mobility scooter is beneficial for many people like Thomas who live independently. It provides the opportunity to retain good mental health and wellbeing through community access, without the need to ask for help. “I have no friends, no relatives and no social groups. This suits me fine as I enjoy living on my own,” Thomas says. “I love it down here, ever since my parents took me to Lulworth Cove as a kid, I always vowed to live here. My Supersport has just given me the means to enjoy more of the area, even my short drives to the harbour and back are priceless. Simply being able to go out is so important – it makes you happy.”

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