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24th May, 2023

Walkies with wheels for dog loving Bernie

Living alone and with walking difficulties after a life changing accident, Bernie Riley, 68 from Nuneaton, has been able to get a dog for priceless companionship thanks to an offroad Breeze S4 mobility scooter.

Bernie goes everywhere with his dog. He got Larry as a pup during lockdown as he lives on his own. Bernie had an accident at work years ago so can’t walk far but his TGA offroad mobility scooter gets him out, side-by-side with his fun-loving Cocker-poo. Every morning you’ll see Larry riding on the footplate as they travel to their ‘happy place’ in the woods.

Retirement started 2 years ago for 68-year-old Bernie. He’d driven plant machinery all his life so when walking started to get tricky, getting to grips with a scooter was easy. Larry arrived shortly afterwards but Bernie’s scooter kept letting him down when it came to reliability around Corley Red Rock Woods. Being able to confidently walk his four-legged friend was everything to Bernie; he had to find a way. Following a test drive, a Breeze S4 from TGA saved the day.

Bernie has always been a believer in the benefits of fresh air. Whether at work or for pleasure, being outside was best. But when walking abilities wane, this can become hard. Not with a Breeze says Bernie.

“A Breeze does exactly what it’s called – it ‘breezes’ you around. It opens up your world. I’d say to everyone with a dog, even a larger one, they’ll be quite comfortable riding on a Breeze. Larry sits on the footplate going to the woods and I let him off when we get there. He loves riding on the scooter especially when he’s overtaking dogs who are walking with their owners. He talks to them as we pass.”

“I live on my own however my daughter comes round regularly. We walk together and let both our dogs off to play. I wouldn’t be able to go with my daughter into the woods without my Breeze as it’s quite a way and bumpy and rough. The scooter soaks all the bumps up and there’s no problem getting through mud; I love the power. I drive around 2 to 3 miles each day and meet other dog owners who I chat to. A scooter, if you’re on your own, gives you independence to talk to people. I could go to the gate at home and wait for someone to come past but I’m not that sort of person. I find everyone on a scooter always waves back at me; it’s like being in a club.”

It’s not just the feeling of fun that’s important to Bernie, it’s the scooter’s practicality and comfort as well. “I’m a diabetic and have metal pins in my leg so when the bad weather comes, my leg suffers. A lot of other scooters are all open where you put your legs, so you’re vulnerable to the cold. But with the Breeze you’ve got that guard at the front and its enclosed so no wind. On this latest model TGA have added a lockable front storage space which I use to store Larry’s treats and lead. I’ve had the puncture sealant put in as well, so I never have to worry about a flat tyre.”

Once Larry has run around the woods, it’s time for shopping. Bernie relies on his Breeze again: “I use my scooter around Tesco’s and Asda – there’s lots of room in there to turn round, they’re big stores you see. I do all my shopping without getting off.”

So, all-in-all the Breeze is ‘absolutely brilliant’ in Bernie’s eyes. He can own a dog, walk with his daughter and drive to his heart’s content. Chatting to people makes him happy and filling his shopping basket is stress-free. “I’m over the moon with my scooter as it makes me feel ‘as happy as Larry’ because I can get out with Larry!”

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