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21st March, 2022

“Spring work and plans with the Vita X” Mark’s blog

Finally I’m out and about following a Christmas illness. Firstly was a days fishing with my good friend on our favourite Carp Lake. It was cold, wet and very muddy but once again the Vita X proved it’s worth by getting both myself and all our gear across two fields too the lake. In inclement weather all motor vehicles are banned and without my scooter I just simply wouldn’t be able to fish. I had a great day but sadly no fish. My friend however had one bite resulting in a new pb and I think the biggest fish in the lake at 32lb so it wasn’t a bad start too our 2022 campaign.

Spring is when I get back on the allotment and it’s been a beautiful week weather wise. My aunt spread plenty of horse muck on my beds and with some help from my grandson we have been using the hoes to work it into the soil to rot down. The weeds have been pulled and I’ve started to sow my seed trays for the earlier planting. The plot is looking great and I’m excited once again to growing some produce. I used the vita to go back and forth and cart my grass clippings and food recycling. The grass gets composted and the food goes in my wormery which produces compost and worms for fishing so a double win and good for the environment.

Fingers crossed we get a good growing season so I can report back my results.

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