TGA mobility scooter helps disabled army poet find inspiration
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6th April, 2022

‘Go anywhere anytime’ TGA mobility scooter helps disabled army poet find inspiration

With his first book close to publication, poet Rob Wright, 66 from Heathfield, East Sussex, has discovered refreshing inspiration in the countryside thanks to two all-terrain mobility scooters from TGA.

Rob began writing poetry aged 14 when his mum’s beloved dog died. The family were all heart broken and he found putting down his feelings in poems helped ease the sadness. Rob discovered a talent right from the start and over 50 years on, he is now finalising an e-book full of wildlife and nature poems. Before Rob’s wife passed last year, she asked him to promise her two things – to finally publish his works and to buy his perfect mobility scooter. So in 2021 he started on his book of poetry and contacted TGA for advice with scooters. With the editing skills of his closest friend Andy, who he jokingly calls his ‘Man Friday’, Rob is well on his way to fulfilling his poetic promise. He is also enjoying a ‘go anywhere anytime’ lifestyle thanks to an off-road Breeze S4 and car boot Zest mobility scooter.

Back in the 1960’s, Rob left school early and became a ‘driver’s mate’, helping his dad who drove a coal delivery lorry. At 16 he joined The Army where he gained his HGV licence and driving experience, this was then put to good use forging a career in HGV driving and also as a chauffeur for a few years in London. Rob had the responsibility of transporting many international film stars and singers until joining the Territorials which led to Rob being trained to fight for the Falklands War. Shockingly, in 1982 he was bombed accidently by friendly fire in a training exercise – losing comrades and experiencing a brain haemorrhage. This led to a lifetime of mobility difficulties. Nevertheless, refusing to be beaten, he rebuilt his life as a volunteer with the British Red Cross – as a first aid trainer and assessor. Rob also became the emergency coordinator for East Sussex until taking early retirement in his fifties.

Today Rob now concentrates on his poetry and enjoying dog walks with Rosie, his 14-year-old Border Collie Dog. Together with Andy, Rob drives for mile-after-mile seeking creative ideas and describes his Breeze as the ‘Rolls Royce of scooters’.

Both of Rob’s scooters mean the world to him as he explains, “It’s a delight being on my scooters… so comfortable… they can take me anywhere. They are so much better than my late wife’s scooter from a different company
“As I’m a big lad at 6’ 2’’ I knew I needed a quality scooter plus being an ex-biker, the design and engineering of TGA scooters appealed to me. I’d heard and read about them being made of motorcycle components – they sounded sturdy. I did my online research and getting a TGA felt right. I called their headquarters and they sent a chap called Shaun to assess me at home. He bought a few scooters to try and I decided to get a smaller Zest and a bigger Breeze, both with full suspension and proper tyres.”

“Shaun really did look after me and listened to want I needed. It’s the same at TGA’s HQ, the customer service team couldn’t do enough for me, they really bent over backwards to help. The after care has been second-to-none, not like the previous company I bought from who just sold you a scooter and then disappeared.”

Now Rob, Andy and Rosie regularly enjoy walks together to Hailsham and back along the disused Brighton to Eastbourne railway line. This eight-mile round trip gives them fresh air and picturesque views to inspire thoughts for Rob’s next round of poetry.

When asked ‘what difference have your scooters made?’ Rob concludes by saying, “Well, simply, I can go where I want, when I want. I have no physical discomfort when driving as the suspension is so good on both scooters. They just soak up all the lumps and bumps… like I am floating on air as I go along. I used to drive superstars around London in Rolls Royces, Bentleys and Daimlers… I can’t say who these celebrities where, but they were big. I got used to the comfort of these beautiful cars, I guess that’s why I appreciate the design of my TGA scooters. Without any discomfort, my mind is free to pick up ideas along the way and I appreciate every minute of every journey.”

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