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6th December, 2022

“Visit to Beaulieu Motor Museum” Gini’s blog

It was a very special day out for us, visiting Beaulieu Motor Museum in the New Forest for a my husband’s birthday.

I booked in advance and was very impressed with all the detailed information with photos on their website showing accessibility. They also have a few of their own mobility scooters and wheelchairs to hire. So I booked their own scooter which they recommended, as one of the buildings has a lift and they can guarantee that their scooters can fit. I would have taken my TGA Zest Plus which I would have preferred as I have more leg room and the steering is more comfortable for me.

My main interest at the visitor attraction of course was to see the Top Gear stand. And I came up close to the inspiration for me to get an off road mobility scooter. Here I saw the original TGA Supersport which had been pimped up by the Top Gear presenters to compete in one of the legendary races to the top of a mountain against service men using their all terrain equipment. All three of the presenters scooters did well yet I think all three lost their balance on very steep slopes, which helped me to realise that 3 wheels are still as sturdy as 4 in rough terrain. I was so impressed by the agility and reliability of the Supersport that I was compelled to buy one. This in turn led to upgrading my boot scooter to the Zest Plus which is also great for going off the beaten track.

The Supersport has taken me to places I wouldn’t have been able to explore otherwise. And I’m hoping one day, my husband will pimp my ride and do a Top Gear Special on my one. Although I did have a giggle looking closely at the adaptations made.. some caterpillar tracks replaced the sturdy wheels and they added a petrol engine instead of the batteries.

I have always felt safe and secure on my 3 wheeled Supersport. And have rarely got stuck on rugged country paths. And haven’t been beaten yet by steep hills.

I highly recommend the Supersport and the batteries last for miles and miles too.

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