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Breeze S4
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Breeze S4

  • From £4,995
  • £5,994 inc VAT
  • ✓ Available VAT exempt

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9 reviews

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Max weight
31 stone
Max speed
8 mph
30 miles
Vehicle Class


Breeze S4

Breeze S4

From £4,995

The standard Breeze S4

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Breeze S4
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Metallic Silver

Metallic Silver thumbnail

Dark Grey

Dark Grey thumbnail


Solid canopy

Solid canopy to help keep out the wind and rain. Flexible canopy side panels also available for an extra £295.

Price of Breeze S4 with option included
£5,990.00 £7,188.00 inc VAT

Solid canopy thumbnail

Solid canopy and sides

Solid canopy and flexible canopy side panels to help keep out the wind and rain.

Price of Breeze S4 with option included
£6,290.00 £7,548.00 inc VAT

Long range battery and charger upgrade

75 a/h battery upgrade, taking your range from up to 20 miles (32km) to up to 30 miles (48km).

Price of Breeze S4 with option included
£5,195.00 £6,234.00 inc VAT

Heavy Duty Battery & Charger Upgrade

Max specification upgrade

Reduced speed (6mph) to increase torque, a wider captain seat and an increased weight limit of 39 stone.

Price of Breeze S4 with option included
£5,495.00 £6,594.00 inc VAT

Max specification upgrade  thumbnail

GT specification upgrade

Large golf style rear wheels for extra traction and large mudflaps.

Price of Breeze S4 with option included
£5,395.00 £6,474.00 inc VAT

GT specification upgrade thumbnail

Foot pedal operation upgrade

Allows you to control the throttle of the Breeze using a foot pedal, ideal for users who have difficulty closing their hand to operate the standard lever.

Price of Breeze S4 with option included
£5,795.00 £6,954.00 inc VAT

Foot Pedal Operation Upgrade

Left-hand drive option

At no extra cost

Price of Breeze S4 with option included
£4,995.00 £5,994.00 inc VAT

What our customers think of the Breeze S4

Ernie Taylor, Breeze S4 owner, Lowestoft

“I am a disabled war veteran who was house bound until I discovered the TGA Breeze mobility scooter. With the help of TGA, I also managed to attend the Remembrance Parade in London and pay respects to my recently lost Nephew, from the same regiment, thanks to a fast-tracked delivery of this remarkable machine.

Being able to experience the fresh air is so important for me these days and photography helps me stay positive and healthy which has only been possible thanks to my TGA Breeze 4. This fantastic, rugged piece of kit has no problems with negotiating the off-road terrain I like to drive on so I can achieve my dramatic rural shots.

Ernie Taylor

Ernie Taylor


Breeze S Solid Canopy

£1,194.00 inc VAT

Breeze S Solid Canopy thumbnail

All Weather Canopy - Breeze S4 & Max

£660.00 inc VAT

All Weather Canopy - Breeze S4 & Max thumbnail

Tyre Sealant (Price Per Wheel)

£12.00 inc VAT

TGA tyre sealant

Vinyl Sides (Solid Canopy)

£360.00 inc VAT

Vinyl Sides (Solid Canopy)

Cane/Stick Holder (Mesh)

£54.00 inc VAT

Cane/Stick Holder (Mesh)

Cane/Stick Holder (Under Seat)

£54.00 inc VAT

Cane/Stick Holder (Under Seat)

3M Mesh Gilet - Medium (60cm wide)

£15.00 inc VAT

3M Mesh Gilet - Medium (60cm wide)

4" D Roll

£20.50 inc VAT

4" D Roll

11° Wedge Cushion

£28.00 inc VAT

11° Wedge Cushion

Folding Walking Stick

£18.00 inc VAT

Folding Walking Stick (80L)

68 cm (27 inch) Folding Reacher

£13.00 inc VAT

27" Folding Reacher

Scooter Shelter

£297.60 inc VAT

Scooter Shelter

Easy Travel Ramp

£219.60 inc VAT

Easy Travel Ramp

Seat Cover

£19.39 inc VAT

Seat Cover

Seat Swivel Pad

£28.60 inc VAT

Seat Swivel Pad

Scooter Control Panel Cover

£15.40 inc VAT

Scooter Control Panel Cover

TGA Armrest Bag

£36.00 inc VAT

TGA Arm Rest Bag

Deluxe Storage Cover - Large

£47.20 inc VAT

Deluxe Storage Cover - Large

Scooter Cape - Large

£60.00 inc VAT

Scooter Cape - Large


3 years as standard.


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Detailed information

The Breeze S brings you the ultimate in advanced comfort, performance and looks that have set the standards within the mobility scooter industry, year after year, mile after mile.

At the heart of the Breeze S is the all-round, fully active and adjustable suspension. This is advanced motorcycle style engineering that delivers unrivalled comfort, safety and stability to users weighing up to 31 stone (200kg) allowing comfort and complete control even over rough terrain. A powerful motor, large wheels and pneumatic tyres provide maximum ground clearance, making kerbs and rough ground quite simply a breeze.

Everybody is different and every scooter user has different needs, which is why the Breeze S can be configured to suit individual requirements. Firstly, choose between the Breeze S3 with three wheels for maximum manoeuvrability and legroom or the Breeze S4 with four wheels for the ultimate in road presence and stability. All major controls for scooter functions are on the right hand side of the handlebars as standard but can be sited on the left if preferred. A foot pedal to operate the throttle can also be specifed.

The batteries and charger can be upgraded if a greater range of up to 30 miles (48km) is required. The GT upgrade gives wider rear wheels and tyres for extra traction and stability whatever the terrain, ideal for those who may want to get back on the golf course. The Max option can be specified if a greater weight capacity is needed with uprated suspension, motor, gearing, electronics and a larger 24” seat for users up to 39 stone (248kg).

An option totally unique to the Breeze S is the solid all weather canopy. A strong tubular framework fits rigidly to the chassis with roof, windscreen and detachable clear vinyl sides, making the Breeze S totally covered, usable and practical all year round, whatever the weather. Colour is the final choice to make with the Breeze S4 available in two smart metallic shades of silver or slate grey.

As standard, Breeze S has a fully adjustable, supportive and rotating seat to make getting on and off easy. The tiller is also adjustable so you can find your perfect seating position with all of the easy to use controls at your fingertips. There are auto-dimming LED lights front and rear, energy absorbing bumpers for added safety and plentiful storage with a lockable and waterproof rear box for all your shopping, a front basket to keep everything you need close at hand and even secure compartments for your keys and mobile phone.

All of our experience over 25 years has gone into this, our flagship model. Everything about the Breeze S has a true top of the range aura of quality and effortless style.

  • Industry leading levels of ride and comfort
  • Fully active, adjustable, motorcycle-style suspension
  • Great ground clearance and stability over rough terrain
  • Options and configurations to suit individual needs
  • Fully adjustable, rotating seat
  • LED lights which dim at standstill
  • Energy absorbing bumper for added safety
  • Plentiful storage including lockable rear box
  • Range of up to 20 miles with standard battery (32km). 30 miles with upgrade.
  • User weight up to 31 stone (200kg) standard with 39 stone (248kg) option

Added 6 years ago, last modified

Length 163cm64"
Width 76cm30"
Heightseat removed122cm48"
Seat Widthfully adjustable and rotating46cm18"
Total Weight 148kg325lbs
Wheel & Tyre Sizefront30cm12"
Turning Radius 174cm68"
Batterystandard battery2x 12v 45ah 
 heavy duty battery2x 12v 75ah 
Motor 24v 1400watt 
Controller 24v 130amp S-Drive 
Chargerstandard battery 24v 4amp
 heavy duty batter 24v 8amp
Speedvariable - up to12kmh8mph
Approximate Rangestandard battery30km18.5miles
 heavy duty battery48km30miles
Maximum Carry Capacity 200kg31stone
Maximum Gradient 12 degrees 
Ground Clearance 16cm6.5"
Vehicle Class 3-

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