Armrest Bag

If you have limited mobility, it’s important for you to have easy access to your personal possessions without needing to twist or strain. At TGA Mobility, we have created an Armrest Bag, which allows you to access  your essentials, such as medication, a foldable walking stick, your mobile phone or your wallet with minimal movement. Whether you have a large scooter like the Breeze S4 or a compact model like the Minimo Plus, the Armrest Bag will fit neatly and securely around the armrest of your mobility scooter. The material of the bag is smooth and sturdy without being bulky, so you can still rest your arms comfortably on the armrest without the bag becoming an inconvenience.

Our Armrest Bag is made of strong, durable materials, so it’s able to withstand harsh weather conditions and carry heavier items without splitting. We have ensured that our Armrest Bag is easy to open and close, so you’ll always be able to get to your things quickly and easily.  The Armrest Bag is also a useful size, with the capacity to hold a range of small- or medium-sized items without being bulky and unwieldy when attached to your scooter.



£36.00 inc VAT

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