Universal Smartphone Bag

This padded, durable bag for your smartphone universally fits most wheelchairs, scooters and walkers using either the flat or round adaptor.

There are two types of the adaptor to choose from which allows you to fit to most types of tubing via metal strap or fitted to a flat surface. We have a handy instructional video below, but if you give us a call we are happy to advise.

Select your Adaptor type:



Round adaptor

Whill C2

Round adaptor

Minimo and Maximo scooters

Round adaptor

Zest scooters

Round adaptor

Vita Lite

Flat or round adaptor

Breeze S and Midi scooters

Flat adaptor

Vita E

Flat or round adaptor

Vita S and X

Flat or round adaptor


Round adaptor

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