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WHILL Model M powerchair
  • Maximum carry capacity up to 100kg (15stone)
  • Maximum speed 6.4kph (4mph)
  • Maximum range on a full battery charge up to 24km (15miles)
  • Tight turning radius
  • Innovative front Omni–wheels
  • POA

WHILL Model C powerchair
  • Maximum carry capacity up to 114kg (18stone)
  • Maximum speed 6.4kph (4mph)
  • Maximum range on a full battery charge up to 16km (10miles)
  • Available in a range of colours
  • £3,995 with VAT relief
  • £4,794 inc. VAT

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High Quality Electric Wheelchairs

Here at TGA Mobility, we offer the very best when it comes to innovative mobility solutions, regardless of your personal requirements or budget. We understand that sometimes using an ordinary wheelchair poses challenges that can get in the way of your busy life. Electric wheelchairs make a fantastic alternative. Powerchairs are designed for those looking to go about their daily lives at speed and in style, and can be tailored to your individual needs.

Each and every one of the products we offer at TGA Mobility has been carefully tested and selected by our team of mobility experts, whose background in engineering helps to ensure that all of the products we stock are of the highest quality. Our powerful electric wheelchair has been subject to the same rigorous process, so we know that you will be provided with the very best piece of advanced engineering that will get you from A to B with efficiency, speed and comfort. The technology in our top-of-the-range powerchair provides our customers with the very best solution for all of their mobility needs. This means that, regardless of what you need from your powerchair, our products will have you covered. Our electric wheelchair for sale offers a unique 4 wheel drive system, which gives it amazing maneuverability and flexibility. Whether you want to get around at home, at work or on the streets, our powerchairs are designed to have your needs at the very core of their performance abilities.

Top Class Powerchair, Top Class Finance

A powerchair from TGA Mobility will give you for absolute freedom and the ability to get around independently without requiring additional support, making it a great investment for your future. Our electric wheelchair for sale offers the very best standards of comfort and manoeuvrability and this, coupled with our years of expertise when it comes to all things mobility, ensures that your decision to purchase an electric wheelchair from us is the right one!

Our electric wheelchairs offer the very best technology and we do our best to work around budgets of all kinds. All of our products feature straightforward pricing so you can rest assured you will never be greeted with hidden fees or additional costs. Here at TGA Mobility, we pride ourselves on offering a transparent service.

Furthermore, there are a number of ways in which we can help you to afford your powerchair. We offer our customers the opportunity to buy their electric wheelchair through our guaranteed finance package or through the Motability Scheme, which means that you won't have to pay the full amount for the powerchair upfront. We believe everyone should have the chance to be active, independent and mobile, which is why you will always be able to seek an alternative method of purchasing one of our incredible products.

All Terrain Electric Wheelchair For Sale

Our electric wheelchairs are perfect for those looking for a mobility solution that is as unique as they are. Our 30 years of trading experience has taught us how important it is for our products to be flexible, which is why multi-terrain coverage is something that we focus on when developing our product ranges. Our powerful WHILL range electric wheelchair, for sale in our product range, has been created in a way that perfectly combines a smooth drive with the ability to travel on a wide range of surfaces, allowing you to go further, faster and to more destinations than you would thought possible. The WHILL electric wheelchair for sale in our product range offers you a top speed of 4mph, the ability to turn on your own axis, and a range of 15 miles, thus ensuring that you will be comfortable no matter where you choose to go. You will find yourself getting around far quicker than you would if you were to choose other powerchairs on the market.

The development of electric wheelchairs has revolutionised the way we live our lives and has allowed us to be comfortable, safe and move at a pace that keeps up with the demands of our everyday lives. If you are looking to transform your lifestyle with our high-tech WHILL powerchairs, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today by calling 0800 107 5349 or visiting our showroom.

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