Powerpack Holdall

A TGA Powerpack is the ideal solution if you’re looking to conquer difficult terrain in your wheelchair, and now, you can take your Powerpack wherever you go. Once you have removed the power pack from your wheelchair, it can be safely, quickly and efficiently transported in our Powerpack Holdall – a purpose made wheeled travel bag.

A Powerpack Holdall means that you never have to leave your Powerpack at home, allowing you to stay mobile across a broad range of terrain and to get around no matter where you need to go.

Our Powerpack Holdall provides you with a practical way to accommodate all of your essentials – in particular your wheelchair power packs. This means that you will always be prepared to tackle even the most difficult landscape, ensuring that you won’t have to miss out on a long country walk or make a long diversion to avoid bumpy roads or rough ground.



£95.94 inc VAT

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