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26th August, 2021

Take on the Lake District with the accessible Miles without Stiles routes

We’re partnered with the Lake District National Park to highlight how accessible the Miles without Stiles routes really are, meaning you can still get out and enjoy the Lake District whatever your ability.

The Lake District National Park provides 50 ‘Miles without Stiles’ inclusive walks for people who use mobility scooters, wheelchairs, walking aids or who just want a low-level walk. At TGA, we offer mobility products to suit all kinds of people and needs including scooters and powerchairs that will handle all types of terrain. Miles without Stiles is an initiative set up by the National Parks to offer a variety of routes across our protected landscapes for all levels of ability. The routes are split into three categories; ‘For some’, ‘For many’, ‘For all’, meaning that users know what to expect when they are planning their walks. This is also important for safety as it reduces the chances of people tackling routes that are unsuitable.

To get the most out of your next trip to the Lake District it’s important to have the right scooter for the right journey. Here’s a few tips on using a mobility scooter in the Lake District…


Compact scooters for visiting towns and MWS ‘For all’ routes

If you are keen to explore the Lakeland towns and some of the Miles without Stiles routes, then we recommend a compact manoeuvrable scooter. It will make driving in and out of shops, art galleries and restaurants easier. Folding scooters or ones that dismantle quickly are really handy if you are taking the car out for the day. Equally if you’re out on the bus or train, then these flexible compact scooters make travel so much simpler.

When the countryside starts to beckon, choose the right compact scooter and you have the opportunity to explore further afield with comfort and stability. Bear in mind though that smaller scooters are better for shorter distances and only MWS ‘For all’ routes.

Recommended scooters from TGA: Minimo Plus, Minimo Autofold, Zest and Zest Plus.


Medium sized scooters for rambling along MWS ‘For many’ routes

Medium sized scooters, can give you the best of both worlds – power and performance around town and in the countryside. Not as ideal for going in and out of shops and restaurants, however much more comfortable for driving along national park tracks and trails. Longer Miles without Stiles routes can be enjoyed with more stability as many larger scooters have suspension and bigger wheels. Battery range is typically higher in medium sized scooters.

Recommended scooters from TGA: Vita Lite, Breeze Midi 4 and Maximo Plus.


Scooters for tackling more challenging MWS ‘For some’ routes

When it comes to adventuring along MWS routes with steeper slopes and rougher terrain, then using a larger scooter is best. An 8mph scooter with many features such as independent suspension, high performance motors and rugged wheels will give you stability and peace of mind throughout the day.

When you are out in large open spaces and taking in magnificent views, you will really benefit from the comfort a larger scooter provides. Look for a scooter with features such as high ground clearance, rugged wheels, USB charging socket, lockable storage box and ideally a battery range up to 30 miles. There are also scooters you can purchase that can be fitted with hard top canopies so whatever the weather in the Lake District, you can still get out and keep warm and dry.

Recommended scooters from TGA: Breeze S4, Breeze S3 and Vita X.


We do hope these scooter tips have been useful so happy adventuring!

For further information and guidance on suitable scooters for use in the Lake District National Park, contact us at TGA Mobility on: 0800 107 5349

Head over to for more information on the accessible Miles without Stiles routes.

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