Cane/Stick Clips

Despite the versatility of our mobility scooters, there are some places that even they can’t go meaning that you may need to rely on a cane or stick which is why we offer cane/stick clips for mobility scooters. It’s wise to ensure, that you have your cane or stick with you at all times, just in case you need it, and our cane or stick clips are the ideal way to conveniently carry your stick with you.

The cane or stick clips attach to the bottom of your scooter’s arm rest, so your cane or stick won’t get in the way or cause you discomfort on your mobility scooter. In addition, the cane or stick clips can attach to either armrest, so both left- and right-handed users will be able to reach their sticks without needing to strain, and you can still have a bag attached to one side.

Compatible TGA scooters:

  • Vita Lite
  • Vita E
  • Vita S
  • Vita X
  • Breeze Midi 3 and 4
  • Breeze S3 and S4



£10.80 inc VAT

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