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14th November, 2022

New TGA charity partnership to help people with MS

The MS Society has partnered with TGA so people with multiple sclerosis (MS) can benefit from mobility scooters, wheelchairs and powerchairs.

Over 130,000 people live with multiple sclerosis (MS) in the UK. The condition damages nerves in your body and makes it harder to do everyday things, like walk, talk, eat and think. The MS Society is here to make life better for people with MS, through research, campaigning and support. This commitment includes partnering with manufacturers to help those with the condition access products and services. TGA is the latest MS Society partner and we now provide a 10% discount on new and used mobility scooters, powerchairs and wheelchair powerpacks for MS Society members. Each discounted sale also generates a donation from us back to the charity.

TGA products have helped people with MS since we were founded in 1985. TGA scooters and wheelchairs have been proven to enhance the lives of people with MS such as Karen Foxton: “My Vita X has added a huge new part to my life. I’m now going places I thought I’d never get to see again after multiple sclerosis took hold of me. I’ve lived around Guisborough all my life but I am now discovering new tracks all around me. I’ll never tire of the tranquillity of the Yorkshire countryside. I believe it is so important to get outside. If you are looking for escapism, a scooter’s the answer.”

Being able to freely move around at home with MS is just as important as exploring the great outdoors. Claire Banks from Colchester discovered the TGA WHILL powerchair was the answer she needed: “Activities such as accessing cupboards, sitting under desks and feeding the fish in the garden are all now easy. You may think these tasks sound mundane, but when you are stuck at home, commonly on your own, life can be so frustrating. My TGA WHILL takes this away. Access indoors is beyond anything I have experienced since living with MS and when we are away from home, I can access disabled facilities on my own. I do not have to keep asking my partner Darren to help me, he politely encourages me to go and do it myself, it is such a positive feeling.”

Sam Walker, Executive Director of Services and Support at the MS Society, says: “MS can be relentless, painful and disabling, but mobility aids like scooters and wheelchairs can give people much-needed freedom and independence.”

“Right now, we know that many people in the MS community are struggling with the extra costs of their condition, and that’s why we’re thrilled to be partnering with TGA. Not only will this partnership help make vital products more affordable to people with MS, but TGA’s support will help us ensure no one faces MS alone. Donations from every purchase will help us fund support services such as our free MS Helpline, and world-leading research to find treatments for everyone living with MS.”

Daniel Stone, TGA Managing Director, is equally as enthused as he concludes: “We are absolutely delighted to be teaming up with the MS Society. The experience we have gained over the past 35 years has shown us just how important it is to match the right product to a person’s needs. Our hope for this partnership is to just help more people find the right product to keep active, mobile and independent and our passionate commitment to all people living with MS comes with the benefit of a product discount and a donation to the charity from us.”

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