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Breeze Midi 4

  • From £3595.00
  • £4,314.00 inc VAT
  • Available VAT exempt

Comfort and style you can take anywhere.

Max weight
20 stone
Max speed
8 mph
20 miles
Vehicle Class


Breeze Midi 4

From £3595.00

The standard Breeze Midi 4


Metallic Silver

Metallic Red

What our customers think of the Breeze Midi 4

"My life can be quite difficult these days as I have 29 pills to take each morning however my TGA scooter has made such an amazing difference to my life. I've just recovered from having severely ulcerated legs and a period in Aberdeen hospital, however I'm feeling so much better, especially as I can now enjoy the fresh air. I drive my TGA Breeze Midi 4 to the local leg clinic and when the sun is shining, I can be outside most of the day as its battery range is so good. I can even have my lunch at the local hotel which makes a nice change and the all-weather canopy lets me go outside even when it's raining." "I will never forget my many enjoyable years weaving and creating such beautiful cashmere materials as I'm passionate about Scottish tradition. It's great I can still relive these days when out and about on my Breeze as I now regularly bump into old colleagues when driving around. I'd like to thank Harry Reed from TGA for making such a difference to my life." "

Albert Hay, Aberdeen


All Weather Canopy - Breeze Midi


Lockable Rear Box


Large Rear Basket


Cane/Stick Holder (Mesh)


11° Wedge Cushion


27" Folding Reacher


Folding Walking Stick (80L)


Deluxe Lined Scooter Coat - Small


Deluxe Lined Scooter Coat - Medium


Deluxe Lined Scooter Coat - Large


Scooter Shelter


Easy Travel Ramp


2" Seat Cushion


Mobility Bag


Seat Cover


Seat Swivel Pad


Scooter Control Panel Cover


Tyre Sealant (Price Per Wheel)


TGA Arm Rest Bag


Oxygen Bottle Holder Bag


Simplantex Arm rest Bag


Safer To Be Seen Bag


Crutch/Walking Stick Bag


Deluxe Storage Cover - Medium


Scooter Cape - Medium


Caddy Lightweight Trailer


4" D Roll


3M Mesh Gilet - Medium (60cm wide)



3 years as standard.


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Detailed information

The Breeze Midi contains everything you need for the very best in mobility scooter travel, in two brilliantly compact and manoeuvrable models.

We’ve taken all the elements that make our bigger Breeze S models industry leading classics, state of the art engineering, comfort, safety, performance and reliability and combined them in two nimble, easy to handle packages.

The Breeze Midi brings you a host of high quality features and equipment including all round suspension, a fully adjustable, rotating seat and an adjustable tiller to allow everyone to find the perfect driving position for all-day comfort.

The delta handlebars have speed control levers on both sides and are designed to give forward and reverse control using fingertips or thumbs of either hand. All other functions are operated at a touch of a button, illuminated battery condition indicator shows battery charge and a handy high/low switch allows the Breeze Midi to be operated safely at 4mph on the pavement or 8mph on the open road.

Other standard features include front and rear lights and indicators, alloy wheels and large pneumatic tyres for a smooth ride, twin rear view mirrors, integrated front basket and rear seat pouch, a high level charge socket, horn, hazard warning lights, an audible reversing warning and an emergency disk brake for added safety.

All you have to do is choose between the ultra-solid Breeze Midi 4 or the supremely manoeuvrable Breeze Midi 3, both available in vibrant metallic red or striking metallic silver. Whichever you choose, you’ll be travelling in outstanding style and comfort.

  • Compact 8mph scooter with the style, quality and features of larger Breeze S models.
  • Full suspension all-round
  • Polished aluminium wheels with large pneumatic tyres
  • Fully adjustable and rotating seat for easy on and off
  • Adjustable tiller with delta handlebars
  • Clear and intuitive control panel for all functions
  • Integrated front basket and rear seat pouch as standard, range of of additional storage options available
  • Range of approximately 20 miles (32km)
  • User weight up to 20.5 stone (130kg)
Length 131cm51.5"
Width 67cm26.5"
Height seat and tiller folded 84cm33"
Height seat removed 64cm25"
Seat Width fully adjustable rotating seat46cm18" 
Total Weight 120kg264lbs
Wheel & Tyre Sizefront30cm12"
Turning Radius 147cm58"
Motor 24v 450watt
Control  24v 120amp S-Drive
Charger  24v 5amp
Maximum Speedvariable - up to12km/h8mph
Approximate Rangestandard battery32km20miles
Maximum Carry Capacity 130kg20.5stone
Maximum Gradient 17% 
Ground Clearance 12cm5"
Vehicle Class 3