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25th August, 2019

Sculptor rediscovers artistic inspiration on Supersport

“It has given me my confidence back”

Sculptor Diane Bull has been able to regain her freedom and artistic flair thanks to a rugged Supersport.

Years ago, Diane used to create pieces of art in a studio where she would sculpt figurative works in plaster and mixed medium. However, in 2008 she packed up her modelling tools and made the move to the Scottish Borders so her late husband David could receive round-the-clock care in an accessible home.

Those years supporting David took its toll on Diane’s own mobility. She also suffered a broken leg three years ago when she fell 50 feet while out rambling which resulted in the local hospital advising her to consider ways to aid her mobility.

Luckily, she didn’t have to search far for inspiration. “It was an amazing sight to behold my neighbour driving his scooter with his whippet running alongside,” she said. “He told me all about TGA so I made contact and a chap called Harry came and gave me an assessment and test drive.

“I decided to go for the Supersport with a wide bench seat instead of a captain’s chair. This meant my small mongrel terrier could ride beside me as his legs are too short to run alongside. My Supersport does not look like a scooter, more of a motorbike – my granddaughter says she is going to buy me a leather biker’s jacket with ‘Hell’s Granny’ on the back!”

Diane’s Supersport means she can now access her local remote area surrounded by forests and valleys. She loads up the rear basket with her paints and sandwiches and can once again head off in search of artistic inspiration.

“When I’m out, I search for interesting river-shaped driftwood, especially maple, which forms such beautiful shapes,” she said. “I use natural materials which I develop into art. If I see something in a piece of wood, I’ll carve it to help get out its special qualities. I also enjoy the ancient practice of encaustic painting which I can do anywhere on my Supersport.

“I need to make sure I don’t fall again,” she adds. “Nevertheless, this will not stop me being a hunter-gatherer. My Supersport makes me feel safe, especially with its stability. When David passed away, I was lost with what to do with my life. Now my life is full thanks to my Supersport. It has helped me get over being rusty and tight at art, I was apprehensive about returning to sculpture however my scooter has given me my confidence back.”

Diane’s sense of adventure stems from her childhood growing up in several homes around the world. Her parents also led many expeditions across Africa including the Sahara Desert.

“My parents continued to explore the world even when they were elderly, my dad made it to Timbuktu just before he passed away,” she said. “I have so many trophies and gifts from tribesmen across the world at home. I guess my scooter is like the Land Rover Defenders they used to drive over the desert.

“Where I live there are lots of rocky paths, rural tracks and cattle grids. I always tackle cattle grids head-on and really go for it in one hit – I’ve mastered the right speed and technique, kind of like how my dad said to drive in the desert over sand ripples.”

Now, Diane is relishing her adventures into the countryside and has found companionship in the form of her dog, Buddy.

“Buddy is such a massive part of my life,” she concludes. “We share everything one-to-one as I live alone. A few weeks in, I’m now going to get Buddy some doggy driving googles and a flying hat for fun.

“My time here has really blossomed since owning a scooter. I can go anywhere I like and am not limited by my walking range or the risk of getting exhausted. I say to everyone: ‘Get out and live life to the full!’. My days are now full again with my art and adventuring thanks to my TGA Supersport.”

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