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Strongback - Attendant controlled

TGA Strongback German Design Award Winner 2018
  • From £525
  • £630 inc VAT
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The award winning TGA Strongback lightweight wheelchair

Max weight
18 stone
Vehicle Class


Strongback - Attendant controlled


From £525

The standard Strongback - Attendant controlled

  • StrongBack
  • StrongBack
  • StrongBack
  • StrongBack
  • StrongBack
  • StrongBack
  • StrongBack
  • StrongBack

“At last there is a wheelchair that gives proper postural back support to provide the perfect sitting position!”

Strongback posture diagram
  • Patented Strongback curved back supports the natural curve of the spine
  • Seat angle aligns the pelvis for proper posture
  • Easy grip, swing-away footrests
  • Compact foldable design
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Swing-away detachable footrests


Transit 18 inch

Price of Strongback - Attendant controlled with option included
£525.00 £630.00 inc VAT

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Transit 16 inch

Price of Strongback - Attendant controlled with option included
£525.00 £630.00 inc VAT

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Under Seat Bag

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Under Seat Bag


2 years as standard.


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Detailed information

The first lightweight folding wheelchair to offer effective everyday posture support. An award winning Swiss design made with both the wheelchair occupant and the carer in mind.

Comfortable and healthy seating – the science

Traditional wheelchairs can be uncomfortable to sit in, even for short periods of time. This discomfort can be caused by several problems resulting from poor posture. Wheelchairs have followed the same form for years and with a lack of appropriate lumbar support, poorly designed wheelchairs can cause chronic pain or long term health problems such as curvature of the spine.

The patent pending Strongback technology provides an evolution of the standard wheelchair design. An ergonomic lumbar support is integrated into the frame of the wheelchair, improving the seat angle and offering a curved supportive backrest. The seat angle aligns the pelvis for proper ergonomic posture and prevents slipping and slouching forwards. The seating surface moulds around the body so that circulation is improved and pressure reduced without the need for bulky and expensive posture support cushions.

Poor wheelchair posture
Poor posture leading to back pain in traditional wheelchair seating
Good wheelchair posture
Improved seat angle and curved supportive frame promoting upright and healthy posture

The Strongback wheelchair has also been designed with the carer in mind, folding in a matter of seconds and requiring minimal storage space. The backrest folds completely flat against the frame, as do the footrests which easily fold and lock out of harms way, no need to detach as per traditional wheelchair design. The push handles are spaced wide apart to offer the correct stance for maximum control when pushing. Puncture proof tyres and attendant controlled brakes finish off the impressive specification. Lightweight aluminium construction at just 11.3kgs means it can be lifted and transported without back or muscle strain.

The Strongback is available in 16 and 18” (40 and 45cm) seat widths and provides day long comfort for occupants weighing up to 18 stone (115kg)

  • Pioneering ergonomic backrest for improved posture and comfort
  • Delivers better support for most users without bespoke adjustments
  • Easy to fold and carry
  • Lightweight - only weighs 11.3kg
  • 18 stone user weight capacity
  • Compatible with all TGA Powerpacks

Added 4 years ago, last modified

Seat width Standard45cm18 inches
Seat width Narrow40cm16 inches
Seat base depth 44cm17 inches
Seat base angle 12deg12deg
Backrest height 50cm20 inches
Backrest angle 65deg65deg
Rear wheelsSolid/puncture proof315mm12 inches
Front wheelsCastors150mm6 inches
Complete weightAluminium frame11.3kg25lbs
Max user weight 115kg18 stone

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