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Minimo Plus  mobility scooter
  • Maximum carry capacity up to 115kg (18stone)
  • Range with 11.5Ah battery pack approx 16km (10miles)
  • Maximum speed 6kph (4mph)
  • Available in two colours; Metallic Bronze, White
  • £2,395 with VAT relief
  • £2,874 inc. VAT

Minimo mobility scooter
  • Maximum carry capacity up to 115kg (18stone)
  • Range with 14.5Ah battery pack approx 16km (10miles)
  • Maximum speed 6kph (4mph)
  • Available in two colours; Bronze, White
  • £1,995 with VAT relief
  • £2,394 inc. VAT

Zest Plus mobility scooter
  • Maximum carry capacity up to 150kg (24stone)
  • Maximum range on a full battery charge up to 28km (18miles)
  • Maximum speed 6kph (4mph)
  • Available in six colours; Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White, Metallic Silver
  • £2,195 with VAT relief
  • £2,634 inc. VAT

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Lightweight scooters overview

When looking for a mobility scooter to assist you in your day-to-day life, it can be daunting to see so many models on the market. Here at TGA Mobility we always seek to match our customers with the best mobility scooter option for their needs. Our lightweight mobility scooters are ideal if you live an active lifestyle and want a less bulky scooter that allows for easy transportation. A lightweight scooter is perfect for those seeking a mobility solution that will keep up with them, whilst also being reliable and offering robust performance, making these scooters some of our most popular models.

A wide range of lightweight mobility scooters

At TGA Mobility you will be able to take your pick from a wide range of lightweight mobility scooters. Our lightweight scooters enable you to transport your scooter without any hassle due to their advanced design features and lightweight materials. Each of our lightweight mobility scooters is hand-selected by us for their high standard of design and manufacture. We always want to ensure that your scooter is reliable and offers the highest level of longevity. For an easy to use, lightweight mobility scooter, look no further than TGA Mobility.

Our lightweight scooters also come with features such as puncture proof tyres and exceptionally comfortable seating, and are easy to both put together and take apart whenever necessary. We always offer our customers the opportunity to try out our scooters prior to committing to buy in order to get a better feel for the product, and take the time to discuss if the scooter is best suited to you or not.

Reliable portable scooters

A portable scooter can be one of the best answers for those who need a mobility solution that allows for the flexibility of being taken on car journeys or public transport. Similarly, portable scooters are easy to store away, as they are specifically designed to be picked up and packed away. If you are someone who loves to go on trips out or holidays with your friends and family, a portable mobility scooter will be perfect for you! Why not let our team demonstrate how our wide range of portable mobility scooters operate and compare to lightweight scooters and other models?

When it comes to matching you with a mobility scooter that makes the most of your budget, our knowledgeable team are there to help every step of the way. We take pride in our outstanding customer service and will always push to ensure your every need is met when selecting a reliable portable scooter.

We sell lightweight mobility scooters

Our team at TGA Mobility understand that things such as weight, size and battery life are very important considerations when searching for a portable scooter or lightweight scooter. You can rest assured that our lightweight scooters come with all of the important features that you would expect to find in a scooter of a larger size. We champion the latest models and are passionate about ensuring that all of our products are great to own and use. Every one of our portable scooters is selected for their distinctive features and reliability. When it comes to safety and transportability, our range of portable mobility scooters are hard to beat!

For all of your mobility needs, let our friendly team at TGA Mobility assist you through the whole process. Get in touch with us for more information on new and used lightweight and portable mobility scooters for every budget and lifestyle.

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