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Portable scooters can be transported on public transport or in the boot of your car.
The maximum weight of the scooter operator.
How far the scooter can travel on a fully charged battery.
The maximum speed capability of the scooter
3-wheel scooters have excellent manoeuvrability, 4 wheels offers greater stability.

High Quality 4mph Scooters

If you are searching for a fantastic, high quality 4mph mobility scooter, then look no further than TGA Mobility. We offer some of the finest 4mph mobility scooters for sale and pride ourselves on being able to provide exceptional customer service at the very same time! 4mph mobility scooters are perfect for those looking to travel on the pavements as opposed to driving on the road. When it comes to moving around your local town centre, going to the park, or manoeuvring through the aisles of a supermarket, a 4mph scooter is the ideal solution.

You can rest assured that no matter which of TGA Mobility's wide range of 4mph scooters you choose, it will be of the highest quality. This is because we carefully select each of our 4mph mobility scooters for sale, ensuring that our product range is comprised of only the very best mobility scooters on the market. We test for innovation, manufacturing quality, comfort and a number of other mobility scooter features so that we can be confident that any choice our customer makes will result in a long term and happy purchase. We work hard so that all of our 4mph scooters can be purchased with confidence. Why not let us show you how investing in a high quality 4mph scooter can change your life?

Affordable 4mph Mobility Scooters

Our customers have told us that other mobility scooter companies are not always as clear as they could be with their pricing. We strive to avoid this in the way we do things. At TGA Mobility, we understand the importance of being as transparent as possible about our range of 4mph mobility scooters for sale, which is why you can rest assured that each of our 4mph mobility scooters is clearly priced, and that all product information is given upfront. Our commitment to price and affordability also extends to providing a tailored service, bearing in mind your budget at all times.

If you are looking to purchase a pre-owned 4mph scooter, then our friendly staff can help. All of our 4mph mobility scooters for sale are in excellent condition, regardless of whether they are new or used, so you can remain confident that your needs will be met. Paying for your 4mph mobility scooter also couldn't be easier with our handy Motability finance option. The Motability scheme allows you to put all or some of your Disability Living Allowance towards getting a 4mph mobility scooter of you own. Alternatively, you can buy a 4mph mobility scooter on guaranteed finance, which allows you to purchase your scooter worry-free and with no need for a full upfront payment.

Comfortable 4mph Mobility Scooters For Sale

At TGA Mobility, we pride ourselves on investing in the comfort of our customers. All of our 4mph scooters offer first class comfort and are ideal for those wanting the very best journey possible. Regardless of whether you want to make long journeys or shorter ones, it is important to maintain high levels of comfort to prevent any negative impact on your posture or discomfort, especially if you suffer from arthritis or similar conditions. With adjustable seating, suspension and a range of pedals and other systems available in our 4mph mobility scooters, you will certainly feel well looked after when driving your 4mph scooter.

Why not get in touch with our team at TGA Mobility and discuss which of our 4mph scooters will be ideal for you and your specific needs? We can tailor your purchase to your personal wishes, which means you will be able to get around in the most affordable and highest quality 4mph mobility scooter, suited to you!

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