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Portable scooters can be transported on public transport or in the boot of your car.
The maximum weight of the scooter operator.
How far the scooter can travel on a fully charged battery.
The maximum speed capability of the scooter
3-wheel scooters have excellent manoeuvrability, 4 wheels offers greater stability.

Well Designed 4 Wheel Scooters

If you are searching for the perfect 4 wheel mobility scooter to fit with your needs and lifestyle, then look no further than our range of 4 wheel scooters. We pride ourselves on always striving to improve and expand our product range, and will always work hard to find the perfect scooter for your needs and budget. A well designed scooter is one that is well engineered, comfortable, efficient and reliable, and these are all of the attributes that we search for when selecting our product range. Our 4 wheel mobility scooters are well known for their innovative design features, from their braking systems, armrests, tyres to much more. You can rest assured that each of the 4 wheel scooters in our product range is as unique as you are.

Our all-terrain 4 wheel mobility scooters are perfect if you want your scooter to allow you to do more than a quick trip down to your local supermarket and back, as they are designed to be multi-functional. All of the 4 wheel mobility scooters for sale in our range are ideal for operating on a variety of different terrains, so you can travel further, faster and more efficiently. 4 wheel mobility scooters are perfect for travelling on uneven surfaces, such as fields and country roads, and they make a fantastic investment if you are looking for a piece of equipment that is as active and adventurous as you are. A well designed 4 wheel scooter, such as the Breeze S4 and the Mystere, will be capable of taking you through mud, snow and even across sandy beaches, so you can relax, safe in the knowledge that you are well equipped to get out and about regardless of what the Great British weather throws your way.

Powerful 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters

When it comes to power and manoeuvrability, you cannot go wrong with a 4 wheel scooter from TGA Mobility. The strong and sturdy front and back tyres are great for executing tight turns and allow you to glide right over any bumps or uneven surfaces with ease. With increased stability and innovative design features,our 4 wheel mobility scooters for sale will go the distance and provide a speedy and comfortable journey.

Another thing that makes 4 wheel mobility scooters so powerful is their long battery life. Here at TGA Mobility, we always ensure that a 4 wheel scooter from our range will go that extra mile, so we make sure that we offer a long battery life for each of our vehicles. The battery packs in our 4 wheel mobility scooters are easy to remove and recharge, so you can always be ready to head out and about quickly. If range capability is something that you really prize, then speak to one of our advisors who will be happy to direct you to the most efficient 4 wheel mobility scooter for your needs.

A Wide Range Of 4 Wheel Mobility Scooters For Sale

As one of the UK's leading mobility scooter specialists, you can rest assured that we offer a wide range of 4 wheel mobility scooters for sale. We realise that everyone is different, so we work hard to tailor your 4 wheel scooter search to suit your needs and budget. Be sure to make the most of our expertise here at TGA Mobility and arrange for us to demonstrate how each of our 4 wheel scooters work - we will work with you to select the very best mobility solution for you. For the smoothest ride and the most affordable mobility scooter selection, allow us to help you make the perfect choice.

Whether you are looking to purchase a 4 wheel mobility scooter on guaranteed finance or with the help of the Motability scheme, our friendly team will ensure you are well informed about your purchase. Why not give us a call if you have any questions relating to our range of 4 wheel mobility scooters for sale, or would like to arrange a home demonstration for any of our 4 wheel scooters.

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