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14th August, 2021

Mobility scooter Mychaela discovers Gods country thanks to Lake District National Park and TGA campaign

Lake District National Park disabled visitor, Mychaela Green from London, has reached ‘unbelievable places she never thought possible’ thanks to a new joint Miles without Stiles campaign from TGA.

Mychaela, 55, is a medically retired carer who has mental and physical health challenges. She finds walking difficult and has balance problems following a stroke so uses a TGA Vita X mobility scooter to keep moving. This robust scooter is able to drive over countryside terrain such as muddy trails and rocky paths which means Mychaela can explore far and wide while being safe. Her scooter has enabled Mychaela to visit the Lake District National Park in Cumbria and experience all the memorable landscapes it has to offer from rugged mountains to dramatic lakes. The ability and confidence to go and enjoy these has been helped by a new inclusive video and joint campaign by TGA, a mobility scooter specialist, and the Lake District National Park authority. They are now working together to promote the 49 accessible ‘Miles without Stiles’ routes across the park which are suitable for scooter and wheelchair users.

Mychaela is a supporter of the new joint campaign as she ‘passionately wants as many people as possible to go and see the breath-taking views she has found in the park.’ Mychaela says: “For someone like me, with mental health issues and PTSD, getting out in the hills and away from people is so important. I can get very distressed on holiday if I have to be in crowds. Not with my scooter, I can find places where you literally will not see a soul all day. Tranquillity and head space. The fact that the Lake District National Park has so many accessible routes is amazing. I think the new TGA video will give people confidence to say, ‘I can do that’ and they will not be disappointed. To sit and each your lunch on a fell mountain, surrounded by just sheep and looking down at a stunning lake is like nothing else on earth. The Lake District is so beautiful, I call it God’s own country.”

Mychaela visited the park with her partner and dog. They were able to find plenty of dog-friendly accessible accommodation and her scooter enabled all of them to reach places that felt untouched by people. With her motto ‘life has no limits, no matter what your disability,’ Mychaela is a determined person and does not let her difficulties get in the way of doing what she wants to do: “Last time we went we did over 45 miles in one week and visited so many places – we shopped around Keswick, picnicked by Ullswater Lake, saw the stunning Aira Force Falls and even had a go over rocky terrain near Rydal Cave. The new accessible trail along the old railway line between Keswick and Threlkeld was so memorable, flat and easy for everyone, really pretty. Considering what we are all still going through, to get away was priceless.”


Celebrating its 70th year, The Lake District National Park and TGA will continue to provide information for scooter and wheelchairs uses who want to visit the park with peace of mind. The latest advice can be found here.

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