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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions answered.

  • Can I take my mobility scooter on a plane?

    Yes, most airlines allow mobility scooters to be transported. However the rules can be different depending what kind of batteries your scooter operates with.

    Recent changes in Civil Aviation Authority, CAA, legislation mean there are now limits on the size of a Lithium-ion battery that can be taken on a plane.

    The 24v 11.5ah battery is CAA compliant and can be taken on a plane.

    The 24v 14.5ah battery is not CAA compliant and cannot be taken on a plane.

    Double check with your tour operator or airline before booking your flight.

    Before travelling with your scooter remember the following:

    • Ensure that your mobility scooter battery is fully charged.
    • Remove all loose items from the scooters storage baskets and lockable boxes. 
    • If the scooter can be dismantled it is best to keep it in assembled for the flight.
    • The keys to your scooter will be removed for the flight. Add a label to your keys so that they can easily be identified and attached to your scooter during transit.
    • It is the policy of some airlines to disengage the mobility scooter batteries during flight. Upon arrival at your destination ensure that the battery is connected.
    • Some airlines will disconnect the batteries of your scooter during a flight. If your scooter is not working when you get to your destination check the battery cables are attached.
  • How long do mobility scooter batteries last?

    • Breeze S3 and S4 approximate range
      Standard battery: 20miles, 32km
      Heavy duty battery: 30miles, 48km
    • Vita X approximate range: 25miles, 40km
    • Vita and Vita Sport approximate range: 20miles, 32km
    • Supersport approximate range: 20miles, 32km
    • Mystere approximate range: 25miles, 40km
    • Breeze 3 Midi and Breeze 4 Midi approximate range: 20miles, 32km
    • Vita Midi approximate range: 22miles, 35km
    • Vita Lite approximate range: 15miles, 25km
    • Sonet approximate range: 20miles, 30km
    • Maximo approximate range variable up to: 12.5miles, 20km
    • Minimo Plus approximate range: 12.5miles, 20km
    • Minimo approximate range: 10miles, 16km
    • Eclipse approximate range
      Standard battery: 9miles, 15km
      Heavy duty battery: 18miles, 29km
  • Can I take the TGA Minimo with me when I need to take the car?

    Absolutely. The Minimo is lightweight and simple to fold. It is lightweight, compact and folds in seconds, so it is perfect to take with you wherever you are going. If you are looking to drive your car to the shops, visit a town, go sightseeing, explore scenic gardens or view a stately home it's so nice to have your own scooter with you and avoid the cost of hiring scooters or the hassle of manual wheelchairs.

    The Minimo is designed to fold in a single movement without any parts to dismantle and comfortably fits into a standard car boot. It's lightweight design means that lifting it in and out of the boot is strain free and with a revolutionary lightweight battery that you can literally pick up with one finger, it makes the whole process of getting the scooter in and out of the car hassle-free.

  • I'm going to London. Can my Minimo go in a black cab?

    Yes. Every licensed black cab in London is wheelchair accessible and equipped with ramps.

  • Can I Take My Minimo On Public Transport?

    Yes. The Minimo meets the requirements for scooters that are allowed on most buses, trams and trains. Its small turning circle and compact chassis make this possible.