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WHILL lets you enjoy activities independently and in a stylish way. - Maria

Maria, Cobham, Surrey

Maria, 64 from Cobham who lives with mobility challenges, has been able to continue visiting areas of outstanding natural beauty through ownership of a pioneering WHILL powerchair.

Maria and her husband Dave live in Cobham, Surrey, and are enjoying retirement. Maria previously worked for a well-known high street retail chain and Dave was a senior international executive for a major logistics company. Following 20 years living in Belgium, they moved back to the UK seven years ago, finally deciding to settle in picturesque Surrey. In 2016 Maria was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) which is an unpredictable neurological condition that a affect nerves and can restrict movement. Maria uses a walking frame to remain mobile around her home and before ownership of a WHILL she would need to be pushed outdoors in a manual wheelchair. Now Maria is able to enjoy independent mobility on countryside walks thanks to her revolutionary new powerchair.

Maria summaries: “WHILL lets you enjoy activities independently and in a stylish way. I can now visit a shopping mall without feeling awkward or needing to rest because I’ve being using a walking frame. It is simple to access disability facilities such as those at service stations - you can whizz yourself in and out on your own terms.”

“I feel that many other traditional powerchairs look somewhat austere and they make you feel different and labelled. Being labelled as having a disability is the last thing you want, you want people to embrace you. Hence owning a product that looks good is so important. No one would choose to be in a wheelchair so if you have no choice, then you might as well go for one that is funky!”

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