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WHILL and operator in a shop front setting

Configured to fit you

With a wide degree of adjustability and ergonomically designed seating, the Model M provides the adjustability and ergonomics you need to be confident and comfortable all day long. Compatibility with many seating and positioning systems means you get just what you need.

TGA WHILL Model M tackling steep incline

Options to enhance your comfort and safety

  • Back Support ShortBack Support Short
  • Back Support MidBack Support Mid
  • Back Support DeepBack Support Deep
  • Back Support TallBack Support Tall

Performance Specifications

Driving Range (fully charged)15 miles24.1km
Maximum Speed4MPH6.4KPH
Speed SettingsHigh, Mid, Low
Drive System4 Wheel Drive
Include Capability10 Degrees
Seat Slide Range (electric)5.9″14.9cm
ControllerWHILL Control System
Max Obstacle Height3″7.6cm
Chair Ground Clearance3.5″8.9cm
Braking SystemElectromagnetic
Max Weight Capacity220lbs100kgs

Dimensional Specifications

Chair Weight250lbs113kg
Chair Width23.7″60cm
Chair Length43″109cm
Front Wheel Diameter9.8″24.9cm
Rear Wheel Diameter12.5″32cm
Rear TiresSolid

Other Specifications

Battery12V 50Ah (per battery; 2 total batteries)
Charger6A Charger
Operating Conditions-13°f to 122°f-25°c to 50°c
Storage Conditions-40°f to 149°f-40°c to 65°c
Tail Lamps (2)Red Lights

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