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Features & Benefits

The amazing features of the WHILL have all been designed with the user in Mind. So what are the benefits to you?

This collection of videos shows every feature of the WHILL that you need to know. The first video of the company co founder encompasses all the information you need to really understand WHILL and why its so good. The other videos are all short clips that highlight what the features allow the WHILL to do. Once you understand the WHILL, have a look at the user experiences to see how people all over the world are discovering how the revolutionary new WHILL is changing their lives...

  • YouTube video 1 thumbnail
    A complete intro to WHILL - You must see this!
  • YouTube video 2 thumbnail
    Unique Omni Wheel - tight turns are easy
  • YouTube video 3 thumbnail
    Unique Omni Wheel - no more pivoting front wheels
  • YouTube video 4 thumbnail
    4 wheel drive - WHILL can easily handle tricky surfaces
  • YouTube video 5 thumbnail
    4 wheel drive - WHILL can handle almost any terrain
  • YouTube video 6 thumbnail
    4WD and Omni wheel make kerbs easy to tackle
  • YouTube video 7 thumbnail
    Features combined provide impressive power and stability
  • YouTube video 8 thumbnail
    Emilies experience says it all...
TGA WHILL model M tackling obstacles

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