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WHILL Model M powerchair and operator in a peer setting.

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Don’t let your wheelchair put limits on your lifestyle. Model M is a functionally balanced feat of ingenuity and innovative design. No matter where you go, Model M will look and perform great – indoors, outdoors or out on the town.


  • Compact size
  • Ultra-responsive controller
  • Tight turning radius


  • 2 motors with superior traction
  • Innovative front Omni–wheels
  • Up to 4mph, 15 mile range

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  • From £11,995
  • £14,394 inc VAT
  • ✓ Available VAT exempt
WHILL Model M illustration 1BHTA Best Product Highly Commended 2017


All Directional Wheel
All Directional Wheel
Turning radius
Turning radius
Terrain capabilities
Terrain capabilities
TGA WHILL model M mounting kerb


Compact 23.6 inch wide frame
Compact 23.6 inch wide frame
Simple user interface
Simple user interface
Durable support system
Durable support system
Moveable arms for easier transfer; Seat slide up to 5.9 inches forward
Moveable arms for easier transfer; Seat slide up to 5.9 inches forward
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WHILL powerchair

The WHILL Model M Powerchair

Here at TGA Mobility, we understand that the freedom to move around and travel independently is life-changing. The new WHILL powerchair lets you to do just that. The WHILL powerchair empowers people with walking difficulties, with state-of-the-art technology ensuring that all users are able to overcome the challenges commonly associated with reduced mobility. The WHILL powerchair will help you to drive anywhere, whether you're looking to make your way around town, or simply to comfortably manoeuvre into the bath or around a particularly tight area or simply to comfortably manoeuvre into the bathroom or around a particularly tight area. The opportunities are endless with WHILL.

Thanks to our years of experience, we know the incredible difference that a personal mobility device can make to your life. The ability to move around independently is all-important, and the WHILL powerchair is the ideal solution to ensure that you are able to do everything that you want to do, without limitation. The advanced technology, modern style, and versatility of the WHILL powerchair enables day-to-day life to run seamlessly at all times, no matter where you want to go.

If you demand comfort, support and excellent manoeuvrability, the WHILL powerchair is the perfect solution. Quite simply, there's no better personal mobility device option than the WHILL powerchair. WHILL's revolutionary vehicle help to ensure that mobility problems won't stop you from doing the things that you want to do, so make sure that you consider a test-drive on one of these exceptional machines today.

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Personal electric vehicle, WHILL Model M

The WHILL Model M personal electric vehicle is redefining standard wheelchair design, with its unique and revolutionary features. With responsive control and one of the smallest turning circles available, manoeuvring around even the tightest spaces has never been easier. With its multi-terrain capabilities, you can go where you please: whether you're trying to mount a kerb, travel up a slope or even cross the most difficult terrain, the WHILL powerchair lets you do so effortlessly. Deceptively simple yet technically sophisticated, this powerchair has some of the most innovative features on the market.With its ergonomic design and multi-terrain capabilities offering pioneering performance, the WHILL powerchair is the perfect addition for anybody looking for a mobility device with a difference.

Precision, quality and performance are the main features of the WHILL personal electric vehicle, and here at TGA Mobility we can provide you with the perfect match for your individual requirements. As with all of our products, we can provide you with a personalised assessment and support in order to ensure your peace of mind. We can bring a WHILL power chair to your home in order for you to experience all of the excellent features first hand and decide whether or not this personal electric vehicle suits your needs and lifestyle.

Get in touch with a member of our expert team today and we can ensure that you are pushing boundaries with your mobility every day. Take a test-drive and enjoy the impressive dexterity of the WHILL powerchair today.

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