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WHILL Model M from TGA: helping Debbie to keep the Yorkshire Dales National Park accessible

Wednesday, 22nd August 2018

Everyone has the right to access to the countryside in the Yorkshire National Park. 

The YDNP have published a set of walks called ‘Miles without Stiles’ which are guaranteed routes that are wheelchair accessible.

As a volunteer for the YDNP, my key role is to do all the walks to audit the paths and make sure that they are all in good repair. The information that I check is the surface of the path, the state of any gates and furniture on the route and the gradient of the path. This information is then fed back to the Rangers, who will go and repair the paths. It is an ongoing project of report and repair.

It is only since I have been doing this that I appreciate all the work that goes on in the background to ensure the paths and walks are kept accessible for all.

There are 17 different routes to choose from, which are suitable for most types of wheelchair.

Before you set off on a walk, check the route to ensure your chair is suitable for the walk.

The routes can be found  on the Yorkshire Dales National Park website and several of them have been filmed by the TOG team and can be found on The Outdoor Guide.

I completed the Aysgarth Falls walk using the TGA WHILL.

The path is fairly easy to travel over and the WHILL was ideal for this walk. The route up to the top fall is rather bumpy though, caused by tree roots and erosion, but the WHILL was able to travel over this uneven ground.

For further details and to watch the film that we made of our visit to Aysgarth please visit The Outdoor Guide


Deb’s Verdict


Thank you WHILL – a love smooth ride even over the bumpy bits! The WHILL  is so easy to f over an uneven surface.

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