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TGA WHILL powerchair user, Rebecca, tells us why she loves everything Christmas

Lady in WHIULL powerchair

Monday, 18th December 2017

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. I buy Christmas presents throughout in July, I put my tree up on October 28th this year (deal with it) and I visit all of the Christmas attractions I can find in London. This week I made the long trip (ok a 15 minute trip) to Hyde Park to visit the annual Winter Wonderland festival (is it a festival? I’m not sure. A fair maybe? It’s a thing anyway). 

Winter Wonderland started in 2007 and has grown pretty big in the years since. It’s a combination of fairground rides and attractions; a Christmas market; a giant wheel; circuses; an ice rink (one of the only ones that I’ve found that will allow wheelchairs onto the ice); food and drink stalls; Father Christmas and various ice shows. 

It’s a great event but it can be very crowded depending on the time/day of your visit so you’ll want to time your visit carefully if you’re not a fan of crowds. We (my friend Rebecca and I) went on a Friday afternoon so we had some breathing space. I strongly recommend a tour of the Magical Ice Kingdom (this year’s theme is Deep Sea Adventure) and a trip to the Ice Bar (the ticket includes a drink), but both are incredibly cold so wrap up warm!

Just outside the exit to both is a very welcome fire pit where you can warm up and toast marshmallows. We  also stopped off at the karaoke bar (don’t worry there’s no recording, nobody needs to hear that) before rounding the evening off at the Christmas market for some extra shopping. 

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