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Lady in TGA WHILL Powerchair out with friends

Monday, 20th November 2017

It’s coming up to my birthday at the moment so I’ve been catching up with friends and family over the last few days. I’ve met friends for dinner a few times and have done some Christmas shopping.

I also went to the cinema with my eldest niece at the weekend, to watch Murder on the Orient Express. I’m a huge Agatha Christie fan so I’ve been looking forward to this coming out for months, but I was so disappointed! It’s genuinely the worst adaptation I’ve ever seen of any Christie (including the itv adaptation of By the Pricking of My Thumbs, where they bizarrely decided to shove Miss Marple into a Tommy & Tuppence book! Anyway, I digress). Take my advice and invest the price you would have spent on the ticket into a copy of the book instead!

I’ve also been doing some secret Santa shopping. Every year a group of friends meet for brunch and buy a secret Santa gift with a special theme in mind. Last year the theme was “glitter” which gave us a lot of freedom to buy some very different gifts (I ended up with some Christmas tree decorations from the House of Lords, given by someone who works there). This year we have an unusually specific theme - a nail varnish that reflects (through the colour, name, bottle shape etc) your personality! I’ve been hunting through nail varnish displays ever since! I’ve managed to find one online called “Today I have accomplished zero”, which seems perfect to me as that sums up most of my days, but unfortunately I’ve yet to find anywhere in the UK that sells it! Oh well, I’ll have to keep looking!

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