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TGA WHILL Powerchair user Debs' top five 'must do's' in Beverley

TGA WHILLpowerchair in town

Monday, 18th December 2017

We have had a fab weekend in the market town of Beverley, in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  It was my first visit and I was really surprised to discover what a pretty town it is. It is very much like York – steeped in history, with cobbled streets, a 13th Century Minster and fabulous pubs. It has a feeling of stepping back in time, yet many of the little independent shops and pubs are wheelchair accessible.

I completed one of the three town walks, which was a great way to find out more about the Medieval Beverley. It was a town that has a rich history of skilled crafts – carpenters, bakers, butchers and cloth makers. The trails take in 39 sculptures which depict the guilds and trades of the area.

The trails can be down loaded or you can pick up a paper copy from the Tourist information which is located on Butcher Row, in the town centre.

My top five ‘must do’ in Beverley are:

  1. The Minster
  2. Nellies – otherwise known as The White Horse Inn – a great pub which is steeped in history and character
  3. The Potting Shed – great food, quirky and wheelchair accessible.
  4. Town Trail
  5. Beverley Market

Deb’s verdict 

Though much of Beverley is wheelchair accessible, many of the streets are cobbled and uneven with high kerbs. The WHILL glided over the bumpy surfaces with ease and has the ability to climb up the kerbs, which meant that I didn’t have to always consider where I could cross the roads. Many of the shops are accessible, but very small. However, because of the robotic front wheels on the WHILL I was able to turn easily in tight situations. Once again Thumbs up for the WHILL.

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