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Rebecca Major takes her TGA WHILL to the Open House London Event

Lady at Open House London event

Wednesday, 11th October 2017

Hello again!

This weekend I attended the Open House London event. Open House is an event that allows members of the public to have free access to buildings and spaces that would either charge an entrance fee or would not normally admit the public at all.

Each year over a quarter of a million people take part in the Open House weekend, visiting over 800 buildings, walks, talks and tours across London. Now in its 25th year, Open House London had events in each of London's boroughs spanning the entire weekend.

I met up with my friends Pip and Carl and decided to be political and visited Portcullis House - home to the offices of most of the UKs MPs. There were some fascinating talks on the architecture of the building as well as the restoration of the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Having collected as many free pens and bags as we could possibly get away with, we headed to New Scotland Yard which was also open for tours, before stopping for a quick drink at the Sherlock Holmes pub on the way home (where else would you go after a visit to Scotland Yard?!). 

After a busy weekend the rest of my week mostly consisted of going to work and the gym. I'm currently filling in for my old boss as well as doing my day job, so I'm pretty busy at work - roll on the weekend!

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