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Rebecca Majors TGA WHILL User Experience


Monday, 18th September 2017

Hi I'm Rebecca and this has been my first week trying out the Whill so I haven't ventured too far from home.

I've traveled on the tube to work and back each day, visited the historic hall of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple for a meeting and I've managed to squeeze in a quick visit to the gym (as much as I don't want to go, my personal trainer makes me stick at it!).

The Whill has been great for getting around town. It's compact size means that it easily fits on public transport and it's fantastic stopping distances and tight turning circle means that moving between pedestrians is easy and safe. The clever technology involved in moving the seat forwards independently of the chassis means that I can easily tuck myself in under the table in the local pizza restaurant during a working lunch. I even found time to explain how the chair worked to a lift full of fascinated people at work!

See you all next week everybody!

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