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Blogger Beth out for a family meal

Tuesday, 27th February 2018

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I live in Manchester, so with it now being the middle of February, the weather this week has been unsurprisingly very, very wet. This limits the amount of activities that I can get up to as Electric Wheelchairs can’t get that wet.

As I rely on public transport the weather made my life slightly more difficult this week but I made sure I got out at every opportunity possible, I’m always super excited to go out in the WHILL because it makes me feel so cool and really gives me a confidence boost. Being a wheelchair user, and transitioning to a power chair can be difficult. However, the WHILL has had such a positive impact on my self confidence and self image. I don’t feel self conscious going out anymore.

This week it was my Brother’s birthday so we went out for a family meal. I was really excited to use the movable seat as it’s such a unique feature thats so, so helpful. If you are a wheelchair user, you’ll know that when you go out to eat, or anywhere that includes sitting around a table, the chair usually is in the way and you body ends up miles away from the actual table. The WHILL has a movable seat, which with a press of a button, allows you to tuck right under a table just like everyone else. I found this feature amazing and kept thinking to myself, every wheelchair needs this! The WHILL actually has a lot of features that I wish were a standard function on other chairs.

On Thursday I had to put a prescription in at the Doctor’s. This doesn’t sound that interesting, but to me it was. I have never been able to do this for myself before. Just another step to being independent thanks to the WHILL.

Saturday was a good day, I don’t get to go out with my friends a lot. When I used a manual chair, a friend would have to come all the way to my house, pick me up and take me into town. My friends don't drive so this is a huge hassle. This week however, I was able to get into town on my own and meet my friends there for the first time! I can not express how much little things like that make such a huge difference in my life. My birthday is next week so I’m hoping I can do the same again.

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