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New Car Boot Zest Mobility Scooters from TGA to Be Unveiled in 5-Fold Naidex Product Launch

24th March, 2017

TGA, a trusted supplier of quality mobility scooters to the trade, will be introducing its new compact Zest and Zest Plus car boot mobility scooters to retailers at Naidex – part of its largest product launch ever (Stand A59 and Test Track, 28-30 March 2017).

Since 1985 TGA has listened to its dealers and their customers so that its scooters remain popular and satisfy current high street demands. Most recently this up-to-date understanding has led to the introduction of the Zest and Zest Plus which have been developed in close cooperation with TGA’s manufacturers. The Zest and Zest Plus are brand new scooters from TGA that dismantle into five lightweight parts for storage in a car boot.

Rare in the compact scooter class, the Zest and larger version, the Zest Plus, both include active suspension for a smoother and more stable ride. Each scooter provides a driving experience that is more akin to that of a larger scooter, whilst offering advanced transportability through easily manageable components. All the mechanisms are engineered with precision and the finish quality is superb – high grade materials for durability and sustained comfort. Both Zest models are built with all the reliability and quality expected from TGA so dealers can sell with confidence and ensure customer satisfaction is high.

Available with two battery options for either an 8 or 14-mile range, the Zest is ideal for customers looking for local independence and freedom further afield. In addition to suitability for car transportation, the Zest is ideal for travel on public transport, boats and planes. Its turning circle, which is one of the tightest on the market, along with its 55cm slim-line chassis and lightweight design, mean it qualifies for transportation on buses that operate the growing number of disabled passenger passport schemes. The compact version has an impressive user weight capacity of 133kg (21 stone) and better postural support is provided by a highly comfortable seat. The floor well is spacious so owners with longer legs can stretch out and position their knees in a relaxed manner – essential for people living with Arthritis, MS or Stroke. The tiller is ergonomically considered so people with limited hand dexterity can operate the Zest with ease and hence maintain more control.

The Zest Plus is longer, wider and encompasses larger wheels for greater room on-board and extra stability. It too has an accurate and fast dismantling system with a quality finish throughout. The larger battery on board the Zest Plus provides a higher range of 16 miles and can still be lifted easily as the housing splits in two.

Daniel Stone summarises: “The Zest and Zest Plus car boot scooters are our latest offering to dealers – designed to deliver superb transportability, driveability and stability to all high street customers. They provide an impressive number of features and the build quality is second-to-none so performance and reliability is assured. Through their advanced suspension they are able to provide greater flexibility to owners as more varied terrain can be negotiated safely, hence broadening their sales appeal.”

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