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Bognor Regis Mobility and Comfort successfully delivers free mobility scooter safe driving event despite challenging weather

2nd July, 2019

Mobility and Comfort, an independent living product specialist based in Bognor Regis, has provided invaluable safe mobility scooter driving advice to determined locals visiting the TGA test drive course.

Despite wet and windy weather, the latest TGA dealer safe mobility scooter driving day provided a unique opportunity for Bognor Regis locals to experience the TGA test drive course. Mobility and Comfort were able to provide the latest advice regarding the Highway Code and guide visitors around the track provided by TGA. The track simulated many obstacles that a mobility scooter may face on a daily basis and overall it delivered a fun, relaxed and safe way to understand personal capabilities and product suitability.  The event was held on the sea front and attendees proved that despite inclement weather, independence is still possible on a mobility scooter.

Potential owners were able to trial a range of new TGA scooters for the first time and existing owners benefited from the latest guidance regarding road crossings, reversing and tackling uneven ground. Numbers were limited due to the weather however feedback was positive such as comments received from Derek Baker. "I found the test drive course very impressive,” the TGA Breeze S4 owner said. “I would encourage all scooter users to try it if they get chance. It only takes 10 minutes, its free and I leave today with knowledge that will keep me safer."

Visitors were guided around the TGA test drive course by Micky Donnelly, Managing Director of Mobility and Comfort. "I would like to thank the local council for allowing us to hold our safe scooter driving day and the support of TGA who loaned their test drive course,” he said. “The weather was tough going but that didn't put off hardy locals who came and found the event really worthwhile.

“The main reason we organised today was to raise awareness more widely about road safety. In the summer season, the number of scooters in Bognor Regis swells considerably and we believe it is our duty of care to give guidance that enhances the safety of all pavement and road users. Our aim has been to ensure scooters owners are more aware of what is around them when driving and how to react appropriately when facing an obstacle."

"The vast majority of scooter users are considerate,” Micky continues. “However, sometimes a few individuals are less understanding which may cause an issue, plus this can undermine acceptance of scooters by able-bodied people. Scooters are an absolute lifeline to people with restricted mobility, without them they are often housebound and unable to access the community – educating the whole community of this value is essential. Add to this guidance for scooter owners, so they apply the correct etiquette, should result in harmonious use of pavements and roads for all. The weather did dampen our aims a little this time however we are already planning another event in the busy summer season and will continue to champion road safety on an ongoing basis."

Supporting the event Ciaran Newton representing First Senior Insurance added: "The training aspect of these safe driving days is massive, not only for user confidence, but for knowledge of how mobility scooters cope in varying situations and with different obstacles.

“With a better understanding of road safety users can enjoy independence more fully and with peace of mind. This Mobility and Comfort event has been all about highlighting the positive aspects of scooter ownership and also given us the opportunity to explain about our specialist insurance services. Some individuals maybe unsure of what our policies cover, especially in terms of public liability, however today we have been able to explain clearly why insurance is vital. I have attended this event as First Senior Insurance are advocates of road safety and fully endorse this initiative – locally by Mobility and Comfort and nationally by TGA Mobility.” 

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