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Are you a winner? TGA's Minimo car boot loading time trial at Trade Days: the competition resultsx

3rd February, 2017

Over 40 TGA retailers entered our competition at the Trade Days exhibition to see if they could fold and load a Minimo into a car boot in the faster time ever. Each of the top 10 fastest folders has qualified for a £75 discount on each Minimo or Minimo Plus ordered (during the show) and a free 'winner' roll-up graphic banner for their showroom.

The final results are in... here are the winners:
Easy Living Mobility, Dan Griffiths - 3.52 secs
Active Mobility, Phil Bartlett - 3.96 secs
NEMS, Mike Jones - 4.43 secs
TPG, Steve Evans - 4.60 secs
Easiway, Adam Poole - 5.45 secs
DMS, Rob Cartledge - 5.68 secs
DSL, Nigel Law - 6.12 secs
North East Mobility Warehouse, Jolene Brumby - 7.06 secs
Solent Mobility, Ben Watts - 7.84 secs
Baron Care Medical, Oscar Andrew - 7.88 secs

Watch the competition action here!:

We would like to congratulate the 10 top faster folders and especially Dan Griffiths for achieving such a remarkable time. The majority of competitors completed the trial in less that 8 seconds which proves how easy the Minimo is fold and lift into a car boot - only 9.9kg when levering on a car boot. Please contact your Area Sales Manager on the number below to claim your prizes. Well done!

Wayne Galloway (South) 07917 816562
Julie Stokes (Scotland & Ireland) 01787 888103

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