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SCOOT AND BE SEEN - be in control

SCOOT AND BE SEEN helping you remain safe when out and about on a TGA mobility scooter.

We always put the safety of our customers first. This is why we offer a range of services and products to help users drive safely and remain in control. As part of our Scoot and Be Seen safety campaign, here is some useful information below that is relevant to all scooter users. By reading this you will be aware of what support and advice TGA can offer so you can enjoy your freedom with more confidence.

Owning the right scooter

It is really important that you drive a scooter that is ideal for you and your lifestyle. This is why we make sure we understand every new customers needs before recommending a scooter. Our questions always focus on why a scooter is needed along with how, when and where it will be driven. Once we have all the answers, we can then supply the right product that will make a real difference to the owners independence whilst maximising safety. With a scooter the user feels totally comfortable with, they can enjoy their freedom with confidence and drive around hassle-free.

Free safe driving awareness

Nationally we provide clear instructions on how to use our scooters during a home product demonstration or on delivery. We only hand over scooters when our representatives are sure new customers are totally confident and happy with how to control their new product. Nevertheless it maybe advisable to attend a Safe scooter driving awareness day that can provide a greater amount of information and advice.

We hold these at our Sudbury showroom or other similar events are now becoming more widespread across the UK, especially at TGA retailers. These fun, friendly events are designed to help build confidence and may include an informal test without a pass or fail. Sessions can involve practical workshops where you drive scooters around various obstacles and learn how to manoeuvre more accurately, especially when reversing.