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Hassle Free Travelling With Your TGA Mobility Scooter


  • Make sure everything is in full working order before you go. Organise a maintenance check if possible to negate the risk of problems whilst you're away.
  • Ensure your battery is fully charged and take your charger with you.
  • Know the weight of your mobility scooter. A TGA Minimo is 24kgs without battery and 26.65 with the Li-ion battery.
  • A handy tip is to attach a tag to your scooter with the measurements and weight, so they are easy to access when you get asked.
  • Take a print out of the folding instructions for baggage handlers.
  • Check with the airline the type of batteries they allow on board. There is some information about the safety of your battery on a plane included in your manual. It may be worth photocopying this or taking your manual with you.
  • Attach a sticker to your mobility scooter stating the batteries you have.
  • Check your mobility scooters charge specifications and whether the charger takes 110volts and 60Hz. If not you will need a voltage converter, which you can get from any electronic equipment shop. Check with your supplier to see if they recommend any particular option.