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Whill F
Lightweight, foldable, manoeuvrable Explore your world with greater independence with the new, foldable Whill F power...
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Whill C2
Style. Freedom. Independence. Not just about getting from a-to-b, Whill enables you to be spontaneous and free. It al...
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Compact Companion. The Minimo is your travel companion, from the local high street to far flung getaways. A truly com...
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Minimo Plus
Experience everyday. The same compact size and simple folding design as the award winning Minimo, plus features norma...
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Minimo Autofold
Embrace everyday. To live life is to savour it and not waste time and for that, Minimo Autofold is the perfect fit, f...
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Compact and flexible with full size comfort. Introducing Maximo, a full sized scooter offering more space, comfort an...
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Maximo Plus
Road ready and transportable. Enjoy all the features of the Maximo, but on a road-ready scooter. With enhanced perfor...
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Move freely. The Zest provides high levels of comfort and stability for those looking for a scooter that is portable ...
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Zest Plus
Smooth mover. If you're looking for more space and stability, then the Zest Plus is longer and wider with larger whee...
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Vita Lite
Street smart and city savvy. Venture out in style with the Vita Lite. Advanced features and a fully adjustable rotati...
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Breeze Midi 3
Mid-size luxury. The Breeze Midi 3 is ideal for anyone looking for maximum manoeuvrability from a compact scooter tha...
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