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Here at TGA Mobility, we understand the importance of keeping your mobility scooter running smoothly and looking smart, which is why we offer an array of scooter covers for every need and budget. Protecting your mobility scooter is about more than just looking good: it's also an important part of maintaining the reliability of your mobility scooter. Our scooter covers are the perfect solution, even when storage space is limited. Our straightforward pricing system makes finding the perfect mobility scooter cover or shelter easy. We are also proud to provide the perfect service to ensure your scooter gets the protection it needs, at the price you are happy to pay. Our lightweight mobility scooter covers are easy to both put on and remove from your scooter, and are designed to cover the control panel and additional accessories, such as a basket.

Storing your mobility scooter in a cool dry place will help avoid it accumulating dust that could cause unnecessary damage and costly issues with your scooter. If you leave your mobility scooter outside, where it is exposed to the weather, more long-term issues could arise which is why we recommend our scooter covers. We are focussed on providing people like you with innovative and good quality products - and our mobility scooter covers don't disappoint. Available to purchase in a universal size, finding a suitable scooter storage cover has never been easier. They are made from waterproof, non-rip nylon to improve durability and protect your mobility scooter from the elements. The elasticated hem ensures the cover fits securely, and means that if your scooter is stored outside, its cover is sure to not fly away in strong winds. If your cover is looking worse-for-wear, then good news! It can be washed, because here at TGA, we understand that you want to get the best value for your money.

Mobility Scooter Shelters

Mobility scooter shelters are a great alternative to scooter covers. Not only do they keep your mobility scooter dry if you don't have a garage or shed to store it in, they provide the ultimate protection for your scooter. Taking care of your scooter will help extend the lifespan of your scooter and protect it against otherwise unavoidable wear and tear, especially if stored outside. We advise you to purchase a mobility scooter shelter to extend the life of your mobility scooter.

Choosing your mobility scooter shelter doesn't need to be a complicated or confusing decision to make. There are no hidden costs on any of our products or mobility scooters. Better yet, our dedicated customer service team are more than happy to answer all of your questions or reassure you if you have a concern. Whilst on the hunt for the right mobility scooter, mobility scooter cover or mobility scooter shelter suitable for your needs, our team are able to offer you professional advice and will gladly guide you along the way. So, feel free to give us a call on 0800 107 5349. Or, if you're having complications fitting your Mobility Scooter Cover or Mobility Scooter Shelter, feel free to pop into our showroom. Or, even better, allow us to come to you and give you a no-obligation presentation on all of our products and how they work.

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