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Max weight
24 stone
Max speed
8 mph
30 miles
Vehicle Class



Scoozy illustration 1

From £8,995

The standard Scoozy

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Scoozy illustration 1
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Detailed information

Scoozy, a modern take on the mobility scooter and powered wheelchair. Utilising clever technology to produce a flexible and comfortable personal electric vehicle that can tackle a variety of terrains both on and off road allowing you to travel without compromise.

Providing well thought out functions and safety features, such as high-level LED lighting and speed sensitive steering as well as the latest lithium-ion battery capable of up to 100km range allowing you total freedom to just venture, wander or roam all day or all night. A simple display always shows your range and other useful information, whilst the joy-stick steering is simple and effortless to use so you can just enjoy the journey.

With advanced suspension and an ergonomically shaped seat placed directly above the low centre of gravity ensures every ride is always comfortable. The Scoozy advances functionality with armrests that open for easy access whilst providing full weight support during entry and exit. The large 16-inch wheels together with powerful drive provide maximum stability and traction on any surface. With perfect braking power, excellent handling and driving comfort, our cutting-edge technology ensures brilliant driving experience that goes far beyond simply being mobile.

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Speedvariable - up to12kmh8mph
Approximate Rangeup to100km60 miles with an extra battery
Maximum Carry Capacity 150kg (+ 30kg luggage)23stone (+ 5stone luggage)
Vehicle Class 1-

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