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Mobility scooter range at a glance

Maximum carry capacity
Approx range standard battery
Approx range heavy duty battery
Maximum gradient percentage
Minimo Autofold
Minimo Autofold115kg (18stone)6.4kph (4mph)15km (10miles)-3%Yes4£2,995
Minimo115kg (18stone)6.4kph (4mph)16km (10miles)-10%Yes4£1,995
WHILL Model C114kg (18stone)6.4kph (4mph)16km (10miles)-10%Yes4£3,995
Minimo Plus
Minimo Plus 115kg (18stone)6.4kph (4mph)16km (10miles)-10%Yes4£2,395
Maximo Plus
Maximo Plus134kg (21stone)10kph (6mph)20km (12.5miles)-12%Yes4£2,995
Zest Plus
Zest Plus150kg (23.5stone)6.4kph (4mph)28km (18miles)-12%Yes4£2,195
Maximo134kg (21stone)6.4kph (4mph)20km (12.5miles)-12%Yes4£2,795
Zest134kg (21stone)6.4kph (4mph)13km (8miles)23km (14miles)12%Yes4£1,495
Vita Sport
Vita Sport159kg (25stone)12kph (8mph)32km (20miles)-17%No4£4,295
Vita Lite
Vita Lite133kg (21stone)10kph (6mph)25km (15miles)-17%No4£2,895
Vita E
Vita E150kg (23.5stone)12kph (8mph)45km (28miles)-17%No4£3,195
Breeze Midi 4
Breeze Midi 4150kg (23.5stone)12kph (8mph)32km (20miles)-17%No4£3,695
Vita X
Vita X159kg (25stone)12kph (8mph)40km (25miles)-17%No4£4,995
Breeze Midi 3
Breeze Midi 3150kg (23.5stone)12kph (8mph)32km (20miles)-17%No3£3,495
Breeze S4
Breeze S4200kg (31stone)12kph (8mph)30km (18.5miles)48km (30miles)21%No4£4,995
Supersport200kg (31stone)12kph (8mph)32km (20miles)48km (30miles)21%No3£3,995
Breeze S3
Breeze S3200kg (31stone)12kph (8mph)32km (20miles)48km (30miles)21%No3£4,995

Compare and contrast the key specifications of our comprehensive mobility scooter range, as well as the WHILL C powerchair.

Keys stats offered for comparison include price, the maximum carry capacity, and the maximum speed of the scooter. Also represented is the approximate range of the standard battery pack plus the comparative reach of our scooters with a heavy duty battery option.

For those who live in hillier regions, the maximum gradient percentage is covered, and for others who like to travel we have also included the portability of each model. For those concerned with stability the number of wheels is another metric outlined.

Select the arrows beneath each column heading to order the scooter metric and direction of your choosing.

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