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4 mph
15 miles
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From £11,995

The standard WHILL

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Detailed information

WHILL's Model M is the world's most innovative personal mobility device that features "All Directional Wheel Technology". Combined with 4-wheel drive, this gives a proprietary core technology that enables advanced motion and multi-terrain coverage. WHILL can take you from home to urban office, down the street to the cafe and over rougher terrain to get out and about!



WHILL doesnt hold you back, it powers you forward. 

It has simplistic beauty and revolutionary design.

It provides mobility in a versatile stylish and unobtrusive way...

Its main features include:

• The incredible revolutionary "all directional" front wheels that dont need to pivot.

          24 rollers on each wheel allows WHILL to turn on its own access. 

• Powerful 4-Wheel drive system

          Both front and rear wheels move together to provide maximum traction on any terrain.

• Easily handles rough and loose surfaces including gravel

• Ground clearance of over 3inches.

• A great range of up to 15miles per charge

• Powerful motors give it a climbilng capability of 10 degrees

• There is a variety of support options to support all body shapes


WHILL - It began with one user's voice....

"I've even given up on going to the shops two streets away."

WHILL's  journey started with this simple statement from a wheelchair user. He did not want to be seen in public as a wheelchair user.
He disliked the negative perceptions associated with wheelchairs;
that he must be ill or weak. To solve this, they started to create an original mobility device just for him. They exhibited the first prototype at the Tokyo Motor Show,
where they were overwhelmed by the positive reaction they received
from all over the world. They realized that many people desired this kind of innovation in the mobility industry. They saw how meaningful what we were creating could be for people with mobility issues. Nobody should be confined because they don't feel comfortable with how they move from point A to point B.
They want every individual to be confident, comfortable, and independent.

This is why WHILL was invented...


Height Depends on choice of back support
Width 60cm 
Length 112cm 
Total Weight 115kg (with batteries) 
Range - up to 24km 
Power 2x24v 50Ah batteries 
Speed - variable up to  6kmh 
Maximum Gradient 10 degrees 
Front Wheel 5cm 
Rear Wheel 32cm 
Ground Clearance 9cm 
Weight capacity 100kg

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