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WHILL Model C2 lifestyle illustration 1

WHILL Model C2 New

  • From £4,995
  • £5,994 inc VAT
  • ✓ Available VAT exempt

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WHILL Model C2

WHILL Model C2 illustration 1

From £4,995

The standard WHILL Model C2

WHILL Model C2 illustration 1


2 years as standard.


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Detailed information

Impressive functionality is highlighted through easier access to seating with arms that rotate to be positioned out of the way. Joystick controls mean you can control the power and adjust the speed with one hand. The Whill C2 technology will automatically brake when you release the controller, even on an incline. Offering more than just basic function, the Whill C2 goes above and beyond to make sure you can enjoy your freedom, worry free. Choose from a range of 4 different arm colours for customisable style.

The Whill C2 features enhanced safety features because we want you to travel with confidence. The C2 sports two tail lights on end of the arms, improving visibility and keeping you safe in the dark. Easily dissembled in just 10 seconds into three lightweight pieces to load into any car because we want you to take advantage of the freedom the Whill C2 promises. Model Ci2 can travel up to 10 miles on a 5-hour charge, giving you plenty of power to get moving.

Expert Bluetooth technology with the smartphone app meaning you can drive the powerchair remotely using your smartphone. There are a range of app features you can use including locking/unlocking your WHILL remotely and monitoring all functions, including battery life.

  • 4-Wheel Independent Suspension
  • 3 Different seat sizes
  • Compact size with tight turning
  • Bluetooth technology for remote operation
  • A range of 4 stylish colours to choose from
  • 2” obstacle clearance
  • Intuitive and responsive control system

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