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ModelVita Sport
Speed12kph (8mph) Vita Sport6.4kph (4mph) WHILL Model C-
Vehicle class3 Vita Sport2 WHILL Model C-
Approximate range standard battery32km (20miles) Vita Sport16km (10miles) WHILL Model C-
Approximate range heavy duty battery- Vita Sport- WHILL Model C-
Maximum carry capacity159kg (25stone) Vita Sport113kg (17.5stone) WHILL Model C-
Length151cm (60inches) Vita Sport100cm (39inches) WHILL Model C-
Width70cm (27inches) Vita Sport60cm (24inches) WHILL Model C-
Height seat and tiller folded119cm (47inches) Vita Sport- WHILL Model C-
Height seat removed71cm (28inches) Vita Sport- WHILL Model C-
Seat width51cm (20inches) Vita Sport50cm (20inches) WHILL Model C-
Total weight145kg (225lbs) Vita Sport52kg (114lbs) WHILL Model C-
PortableNo Vita SportYes WHILL Model C-
Front wheel size33x9cm (13x3.5inches) Vita Sport25cm (10inches) WHILL Model C-
Rear wheel size36x13cm (14x5inches) Vita Sport26.5cm (10.5inches) WHILL Model C-
Number of wheels4 Vita Sport4 WHILL Model C-
Turning radius128cm (50inches) Vita Sport76cm (30inches) WHILL Model C-
Battery standard2x 12v 50ah Vita Sport1x 25.2v 10ah WHILL Model C-
Battery heavy duty- Vita Sport- WHILL Model C-
Motor24v 700 watt Vita Sport2x 24v 250watt WHILL Model C-
Controller24v 120ah S-Drive Vita Sport- WHILL Model C-
Charger standard24v 8ah Vita Sport28.7v 2.4amp WHILL Model C-
Charger heavy duty- Vita Sport- WHILL Model C-
Maximum gradient percentage17% Vita Sport10% WHILL Model C-
Ground clearance8cm (3.5inches) Vita Sport6cm (2.3inches) WHILL Model C-
Price£4,295 Vita Sport£3,995 WHILL Model C-
InfoMore infoMore info-

Compare up to three mobility scooters (and the WHILL C powerchair) side-by-side, see prices, full specification, vehicle class, battery information and scooter dimensions. Use this tool to help compare and contrast capabilities and ascertain which scooter is the best fit for your needs.

The TGA Mobility scooter range offers 17 models, each designed to meet different demands. You may require a lightweight or foldable mobility scooter to fit into your car boot, or for when you are travelling overseas. If you live in the countryside an off-road-capable, heavy duty scooter that is comfortable over rough ground may be more suited to your requirements. You might want the best of both worlds; a portable mobility scooter that is apt for varied terrain and long distances. Which ever scenario describes your situation, TGA Mobility have a scooter that can deliver.

The Department of Transport classifies mobility scooters into two distinct maximum speed categories: Class 2 denotes a scooter that can used on the pavement at a speed which does not exceed 4mph (6.4kph); Class 3 is a vehicle which can be used on the public highway and is capable of a maximum speed of 8mph (12kph), 4mph (6.4kph) when the scooter is taken on the pavement.

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