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#TGAscootSafe - be more visible

#TGAscootSafe helping you remain safe when out and about on a TGA mobility scooter.

We always put the safety of our customers first. This is why we offer a range of services and products to help users drive safely and remain in control. As part of #TGAscootSafe, here is some useful information below that is relevant to all scooter users. By reading this you will be aware of what support and advice TGA can offer so you can enjoy your freedom with more confidence.

High visibility accessories
We offer an extensive range of low cost, high-visibility accessories that will make other road users more aware of you and your scooter. These products include high-vis snap-wraps , flashing LED arm and leg bands , gilets and stickers . Made in bright, light reflecting materials these accessories are quick to put on and ideal for greater visibility especially during winter months or the early evening. Many TGA scooters include high intensity LED headlights and indicators, however these fluorescent additions are a really useful addition for increased visibility.


To help new scooter owners, we are offering a free high-visibility scooter bag with every Minimo or Minimo Plus purchased. This quality giveaway can be mounted over the back of the Minimo seat so it acts as a reflective area that is clearly visible in limited light. It can be quickly detached and used as a normal backpack when the owner is away from his or her scooter. To benefit from this clever and spacious bag, simply email us today or telephone: 0800 804 4344 to order your new Minimo or Minimo Plus.

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