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Safe mobility scooter driving guide - hazard perception

Safety when out and about on a mobility scooter is paramount when it comes to TGA’s list of priorities. 

Although this is evident in the quality of TGA scooters and wheelchairs, ie, seatbelts, unrivalled suspension, backrests offering postural support and easy-to-see LED headlights, much of the everyday risks come down to knowledge and awareness of the user.

That’s why TGA have teamed up with Nottingham Trent University, who have put two years of research into a video on safe driving. Using a camera on the front of the scooter, the video shows the hazards and situations which arise from the perspective of the user.  

The end result showed an scattering of hazards from pedestrians, traffic, crossing visibility, spacing, priority misunderstandings and negotiation with pedestrians.

This video aims to better prepare scooter owners and offers solutions when certain situations arise.



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